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Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Make your Final Escape

Summer fever has officially sunk in! We're all horrible at keeping up with this! But needless today, the dub is always going, therefore so shall we! I'm gonna hit you with two really good dub mixes' today. The first is your daily dose of dub.

Dark, consistent, this song keeps your head going forward and back the entire song. It's a chilll-dubstep, which lately I can tell i've been into more. Finding you like it? You can download it for free right HERE! Take a listen and let yourself get lost in dub.

The next is a long 45 min mix for you, a little different, i'm gonna get you guys into Electronic Dub now that you've experienced some of Dubstep and Drum and Bass, it's time to see yet another amazing demension of the rave world!

[this free mix is possible to download so DOWNLOAD away!]

Hope these two get your day going, it's ALMOST summer, for most of you, you are in your last week of finals and this muisc is perfect to kick off your summer and make your final escape.


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