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Sunday, February 28, 2010

Hot Damnation.

Just sittin' around listening to some recently acquired blog material... and I really effin' like this song that came out of nowhere:

Via XLR8R... Orion's Belt Buckle - Free the Robots

Download that shit, its like dubstep but also really sick...

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

DaBears bring on the bass

Hello! My goodness i have GOT to stop going MIA on ya'll. Ithaca's gotten a little hectic lately, my head has been up in the clouds as opposed to reality hahaha-i have a lot of shit coming your way! The last few weeks I have been all over from DC to Ithaca with Raves all over. I have tons of photos, videos, and new links and ofcourse new music!

I'm gonna start you off with some mixes' that were graciously given to me by my boy James! I happen to love the first website because it has some amazing mixes, ranging from Dubstep all the way to Trace and House. I'm not sure why they call it DaBears, but after taking a look I realized how amazing the mixes were. My favorite mixes would definitely be Peace, Love, n Dub & Dublicious-which, is to be expected since I am such a huge dubstep fan! However, for those of you that like techno and trance, I would try listening to Amnesia and Transcendence. The best part about all of these is they're free downloads to your itunes and they give a full list of all the artists on the tracks :)

Here is Dublicious
Here is Amnesia

I've got some more really good stuff coming, I just need a chance to go through and upload everything from my own adventures! Enjoy & be sure to look at all the mixes and before you know it i'll be back overloading your mind with more music/links/photos/vids :)

Thizzle x

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

It's on now, emefferzz!!

So I'm sittin around yesterday morning going through my catalog of house muzik and I started feelin pretty down... There's never much to do on the weekend for the average raver in the 757 besides spinnin lights and killin braincells. And while I'm always down for my poi toys, the skull fucking gets pretty old pretty quickly. No place to go and dance obnoxiously to obnoxious music is a huge bummer. :) As a result, I often spend the weekends at home DJing for a small crowd or just for my lovely self. But rather than lettin it get to me this time, I decided to make a twisted electro/breaks mix for everyone else that can't find a hot spot in the comunidad every weekend. Oh yea.. and there's a little surprise at the end for all my bassheadz. Beware! I don't mess around when it comes to this biz.

Quickdraw McGraw- Restless Legs Mixset
(tracklist after the rest of my jazzzz)

So.... It is Mix Wednesday and I wanted to hook errybody up with a killer Drum and Bass set from the guys over at Dirtbox Radio. These guys are one of my favorite sources of drum and bass mixes of all types and honestly any of the ones up there will make your day if you dig that jungle(seriously some great mixes up there! check these guys out!), but the one I'd like to highlight this evening is Encryption's recent Snowpocalypse set. Did I say Encryption??? Damn skippy! Dirtbox Radio comes straight outta the DC/Bmore scene and is broadcast on alternate weeks from locations just outside the city in Berwyn Heights and Riverdale!! A mass of talented spinnas over there, and they're always on the look for new ones, so if you've got a jungle mix that you want to be heard, they're down! I definitely encourage checkin out this Encryption set, though... Solid rollin boomers this guy brings. Just makes you wanna jump every whichway like you just don't give a ----!

Long Live Mix Wednesday

Nick Time

Mixset Trizzles:
Black Noise- Jungle Iz Em (Take Me Away VIP)
Foamo- Wardance (Last Japan Edit)
Reid Speed & Hot Mouth- Jailbait Rinse (Orig.)
Fake Blood- Mars (Jack Beats Remix/DJ Ark Rerub)
Yo Majesty- Club Action (Stanton Warriors Remix)
Dre Skull- I Want You (AC Slater Remix)
Digital Manges- Manges (Sharkslayer Remix)
Chase & Status- Eastern Jam (Kyle Watson Rerub)
Breakage Ft. David Rodigan & Newham Generals- Hard (Caspa & The Others Remix)

P.S. Enjoy the tuuunes!

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Everybody's Starry-Eyed

Hello all, excuse my late arrival haha-me and my lovely roomate, Meira slept all day today. Pulling an all-nighter and then staying up late the next day, not exactly the smartest idea we've ever had. I was waiting on doing a daily dose of Ellie Goulding, but since Nick was on his A-game today, it would only be right to follow with a post about her, mainly because I am absolutely in love with her. Where to even begin?!

I first heard Ellie, when I was driving to Baltimore last month for
FallMassive! Now for those of you who don't know(and shame on you for not-just kiddding), Steeze Promo plays host to some of the sickest dubstep raves around Baltimore/DC area. The first time I ever went to an event by Steeze Promo was with Olaf, and it completely blew my mind. The line up of music, the people, the lights, the freaking bass-everything is fit perfectly into a setting in which it makes it easy to rave out hard. And trust me when I say that I DO rave out hard. For those of you who don't mind driving an hour to enjoy a night of good music-then head to Baltimore, get to those concerts and it's the best place to discover new artists and remix's of shit we love. I am actually making a visit down to Baltimore this weekend to go to the somewhat year anniversary of DubNation! I highly recommend you go. It will be taking place at Bourbon Street, the same venue that played host to FallMassive. Bourbon has the perfect setting for concerts such as this. Anyway, I really should get back to my point-Ellie.

Ellie Goulding-hailing from England, she's new to the music world. She's got a pop voice with a touch of electropop and synthopop. What I love about her songs is that they are perfect for remixing and dubing up. So I back to what I was saying a while ago, fall massive, drive out-we got lost and we were all stressed, then just as we were getting back on point James decided that the best song to play for the moment was Starry-Eyed, but a Jakwob remix. Let me tell you, I was driving that highway to Baltimore as the happiest chick everrr. Her voice was so soothing and yet the dubstep drop beat was so overtaking! After falling in love with the remix i listened to the original, then other songs by her, and they're all amazing, but my favorites are the remix's such as what Nick blogged earlier, as well as this remix of Under the Sheets & Not Following You-the GOJ remix Although the rest of these don't compare to the Jakwob remixes, here are a few more remixes of Gouldings stuff, all dubstep/dnb:

For Starry Eyed:
2. Starsmith Remix (this one's not REALLY dub but i like it alright)
3. Nooz Dubstep Remix (my personal favorite)
4. Dexcell Remix (this one's drumnbass)

Now my favorite part-here's the Jakwob remix :) Enjoy it and let the beats drop.

Thizzle xx

I Don't Wanna Take A Chance...

Regardless of every Ellie Goulding remix out there being rinsed as fuck right now, I'd like to bring you one amazing track that has been getting stuck in my head over and over and over again since the week before Halloween!! This "Under the Sheets" refix by the London based "She is Danger" is definitely something different. A slowed, bassed out, 2stepy track that accentuates Ms. Goulding's bleeding vocals that all the other remixes seemed to blindly push aside. I don't know whether it's those beautifully tambre'd hats or that sneaky little filtered bass wobble in the post-choruses, but it always gets me. Can't help it :) Sadly enough, I've been sleepin on these young ladies for quite awhile, but no more!! Here's the track over at Too Many Sebastians.blogspot and now for some real fun!

Groove Armada's newest single Paper Romance is off the hook! Briefly, imagine yourself dancing your heart out on a hot summer night. The music's blaring, the crowd's gettin hyped, and the full moon is out, giving the heads the energy they need to go all night. Don't rave too hard now...

She Is Danger is comin hard with the remix in their darker 2step style. Really feelin how they've switched up the vibe in this one.
Be on the lookout for more She Is Danger!

Massive Attack-Girl I Love You(She is Danger Remix)
She Is Danger-Hurt You

Monday, February 15, 2010

You got the love

We all know Valentines Day was yesterday but I totally forgot to drop ya'll a beat in honor of cupid's little love day! The group,
Florence & The Machine has that indie beat soul but perfect music to be dubed up and remixed. One of my all time favorite songs is a Florence & The Machine remix, but that'll be saved until my daily dose, since i'd like to explore more on them. However, this song, You've Got The Love, the XX remix, has a certain feel to it that on Valentines Day, suites almost anyone's mood. You've got the love. Say it-you know you've got it. You've got the love, you've got the love, you'veee got the love. Let that soothing sound fill your ears on this monday morning and enjoy your little Valentines Day treat <3

yours truly,


Restless and moving

It's almost 5am, and my roomate and I are still up, doing endless amounts of work and internet surfing. Although I have a paper I should be working on, I decided to take a breather and do some light music listening, and by that I mean a more softer tone in dubstep as opposed to a heavy wobble. Having trouble sleeping at night? Take a listen to SpectraSoul-a drumnbass/soul/electronica sort of beat, they have a more relaxed feel of dubstep to them. Another song you should listen to by them is Supression. Their ain't no rest for the wicked, so enjoy your early morning dub and get back to work!

Thizzle xx

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Belated Wednesday Mix

So I just posted this on another friend's blog and kinda stole my own post, but..

I finally got my turntables back from their being stranded at the last house I used them at... and had a few new dubstep tracks/ records I couldn't resist making into a tiny mix. Warning - don't expect the raviest heavy-droppin wobble-stomp of dubstep but please enjoy it nonetheless.

Standing tall at 15' 43" this mix should have you steppin' across the rooftops of london. Check it out and feed me back.

OE - Steppin' Time

I previously posted all the free tracks that are in this mix on here, but here they are again in case you missed em...If you got them already this selection will sound familiar to you.

1 Step in Time (intro) - Bill Lee & The Sweeps
2 Quantum Leap - The Others (via Hush House)
3 Helicraft - Elixir
4 Sister, You have got to Listen - Eskmo
5 Stash - Joker & Ginz
6 Sorry - George Lenton
7 Harmony - Eskmo
8 Duck Jam - JFB & Ed Solo
9 Step in Time (outro)

Friday, February 12, 2010

Your daily dose

I'm trying to learn how to post up actual YouTube vid's that way you guys will be more intrigued by it being right there as opposed to that tiny link lol, the boys have got it down so I need to catch up! So i'm gonna give your guy's daily dose kinda early today-YAY! Today i'm gonna go with an artist that goes by the name Doorly! To my D.C. crew-you already know what it is! It's Raindrops, orginally by Basement Jaxx, the Doorly remix is as sick as the rain itself hahaha. Every person who has heard this song in my car has love the bass it brings, "and just like raindrops," it feels soo good to be playing in your ears :) Doorly has had a number of good songs, you should check his shit out-follow him either on Twitter or on MySpace. I've got shit to do-but be sure to enjoy this track, especially if you're chilling with Mary-Jane. RainDrops-Basement Jaxx (Doorly Remix):

Here they come...

Good morning all, hope everyone slept well. It's Friday-everyone should be pumped right now. But don't fist pump. Too much. Yesterday, I finally got myself back to wanting to get in shape, and last night really killed it at the gym. Getting there, I found myself literally tearing the elyptical machine apart, mainly cause I had this sick playlist of dubstep and drumnbass raging through my ears, let me tell you-I was workin it yo. There was this one song that I just had to post up for you guys that was really getting me on my A-game last night-Tantrum Desire! Hailing from South East London, Tatrum Desire has the sick beats of Drum n bass.

Giving birth to the war cry “unleash your dark side” and their chorus – “A desire to make drum & bass junglism, we’ll keep throwing tantrums until you listen!”-as quoted on their site, TD has that upbeat bass that makes working out at the gym, the best experience one can have. I got such an addrenaline rush from their music yesterday, it just blew my mind! They were nominated this past year for the Drum&Bass Arena Awards in England. They didn't win-but they're slowly movin their way up=]

Speaking of the Drum&Bass Arena-this year they had a pretty sick lineup of artists that might be of intrest to some. Take a look at the big winners this past year:
Best DJ: Andy C
Best MC: SkiBaDee
Best Producer: High Contrast
Best Single: Chase & Status 'Pieces' (RAM records)
Best Album: Chase & Status 'More than Alot' (Ram records)
Best label: Ram Records
Best Newcomer DJ: Sigma
Best Newcomer MC: Harry Shotta
Best Newcomer Producer: DirtyPhonics

Let me add that the last group-DirtyPhonics, has some ill tracks played at FallMassive-AHHH sick
SO next time you decide you really need a good work out and good music to pump your brains-download Tantrum Desire's, Here They Come-you'll be moving faster than the beats can drop.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

We Will Overcome

MJ Cole just posted a previously unreleased Wookie remix of a tune called Battle on his Souncloud which just happens to be a ten year old track[btw, it's a 16-bit WAV:D] . If you aren't up on MJ Cole and his contributions to electronic music history and you think you know about Dubstep, you bes get your ass movin. For our purposes, we can at least say MJ Cole is one of the founders of the 2Step garage sound that emerged first in the UK in the late 1990's and early 2000's. His breakout track Sincere is just gorgeousand there happens to be a newer nero mix that will really put you on the floor 2step is quite a sound to take in... Taking influences from styles as diverse as old-skool hardcore, breakbeat, garage, jazz, funk, house, and reggae dub among many others, 2Step is an amazing hybrid style that will force you to get up and shake your ass no matter what. Cole's new/old track is so very amazing... Floating between those breaks and jazzy piano stabs just gets me goin so well. This is quite an apt release, what with the state of the music industry nowadays... and the record sales... moving more towards the grimey dubstep sound. Check the original if you've got the time...

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Where is my mind?

So while working on this paper, I was listening to my itunes on shuffle and this dub remix of where is my mind came on. You know, the one from Fight Club? Well I have a remix by my favorite drumnbass artist, BASSNECTAR. Mmmm the sound is just ratteling through your ears isn't it :) Fight Club just happens to my all-time favorite movie, so it seemed only fit to play a dnb remix of 'the' song from the movie. So where's your MIND?

Your daily dose

Hello all! It's been a while since i've contributed anything, unfortunately, I have been buried in work and when i'm not working i'm sleeping off this sickness I've got! However, I finally have relief, my mom got my doctor back home to get me meds that way I can stop sneezzing and feeling like mucus is now my annoying head neighbor. Like those mucinex comercials haha-I want that mucus out!

Back to dub matters, I found out earlier this week that Thumpty Nation, otherwise known as Theta Delta Chai, will once again play host to another Dance, Psychedelic Rock, Funk, artist. The group known as Wobblesauce will be playing this Friday at Thumpty and on throughout the weekend in a 2-day preformance for Presidents day. It starts at 11 on Friday, check it out if you get the chance, 800 University Ave.

I thought I might kick things back a notch with today's daily dose. While going through the ill photos of fall massive, I came across a video from the event with different scenes put together to the tune of Rusko, aka one of my favorite dubstep artists. I got to see Rusko live last year at DubNation with Olaf, and let me tell you, it was ill. There's something about his beats that flow together in a nice wobble-bass sound. Rusko's raw beats also bring out the raver out in me, you could lightshow and dance to this all day longgg. Speaking of light shows, you should check out this website, they have everything you neeed to get your rave on :) Here's Rusko's Go Go Gadget

Much love,


Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Hustlin... Hustlin...

B. Rich's long anticipated EP for We Ball Harder is finally here and for free!!! That's right. I said Free!!! I remember the exact moment I first heard this song. It was the morning after my first electronic music event that wasn't in some terribly posh club. :) I had just been blown away by a cast of amazing artists including AC Slater, Reid Speed, D.L.O.D., Joe Nice,and AK1200. From the second I woke up, all I could think about was the Reid Speed demo cd I had been given by a roadie of hers. "Breakdown Breakup" changed my life for sure. Although Cheap Thrills Vol. 1 had been my introduction to bass house and dubstep, this mix just violently caught my ear. I'm dancing around my house in NW DC that morning just rockin out, when halfway through her set, Ms. Speed drops the bottom out from underneath me.

"What you gonna do? Cuz I ball hard. No bitch we ball harder. What you gonna do playin me hard when I talk to you? Cuz I ball hard. No bitch we ball harder."

And from that moment on, I knew the power of bass. If you don't know the mix, or would like to become reacquainted with it, here's a link up.

Anywho... Squeegie's got the goods and they will hook you up like always.

And just in case you can't stand the thought of traversing the tubes to find it,

I got the key parts right chere!

B. Rich- We Ball Harder

B. Rich- We Ball Harder(J. Rabbit Remix)

Monday, February 8, 2010


Quick one - this massive DC Snowstorm has led a few friends to create an igloo large enough for four people to sit inside of for a wind-free cigarette. Dubbed the Cigloo...

This reminds me once again of Eskmo - I guess I'm a big fan of what he does to dubstep.

Track I managed to miss on Pipedown, it's of the less ravey variety but very well done and unique.

Eskmo - Sister, You have got to Listen

Also check out the awesome blog Hush House if you haven't recently, they have a post about a free 14-track release from the Dub Police label... some good stuff.

Link here.

Enjoy more dubstep, I should have a lil' mix of my own up soon for ya.

Sunday, February 7, 2010


Just came across this on Rub A Dub Dub. The track is titled Alice and it's by a joven of 21 years from Perth, Australia. Quite a neat style, from this one... Synth-pop that employs popular movie samples in really neat ways. Such a beautiful track and of course such an odd video.
The vocals are obviously clipped randomly, but what do you think she's saying?

oh... I wouldn't leave you hangin. Here's the dl via mediafire

and here's another just to really get the feel...

Friday, February 5, 2010

Your morning dose

Good morning! Sorry I have been horrible at blogging, I had to get back to the reality that school is back in and I actually have to do work =[ However, couldn't start my day off without giving you a daily dose of dub to get you up and moving. James and Nick have done a really sweet job keeping up at this-like i've said before, they've been in this game a lot longer than me, they know what they're doing and got some good stuff =] I'm just here to provide some tunes, events, links, and photos, ya dig? I've got an 11am class which I should start getting ready for but i'll start you off with a really good song for Friday morning.

Last week we had visitors from DC, Nick and Pete. At Cornell last Friday, the frat Thumpty, also known as Theta Delta Chi played host to electro-dub band Big Gigantic. Having really looked foward to hearing them, and having guest from the DC come just for the concert-fuck, I was excited haha. Morning of, you know how you're always in a good moood and you want to put yourself in the 'zone.' This song was BLASTING-it's one of my favorites, and it's perfect for Friday morning, it gets you up. Especially with that kinda slow but intense drop. TGIF and enjoy your daily morning dose

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Long nights make for long next days...

Got lots ahead for today, but this morning I just wanna up everyone on two forces in electronic music that likely will not be stopped anytime soon. These artists come direct via Soundcloud and are offering many free goodies in the way of tunes and mixes, so get on the page, check out the ish, leave them some love if you dig. Our first artist, Nit Grit, hails from San Jose, CA and is KILLING the heavy dubstep/grime sound right now. His newest beauty, the "Prituri Se Planinata" remix takes a new adaptation of a classic Bulgarian folk song, Prituri Se Planinata, by Sonja Drakulich and Stellamara and really does a number on it. Somehow he finds a way to retain the sweetly mysterious aura the vocals can't help but let off and all the while you're waist deep in sludge. ;) I've been coming back to Danny's page every day since I heard it a week ago and I can't get enough of it!! Other great tracks included on the page are "Squits and Giggles", a Squitty Bubbler exclusive, as well as a re-edit of DJ Shadow's "Building Steam With a Grain of Salt" that might just leave you wondering if you yourself are on the surface on a vinyl record. If you dig the heavy sounds, then Nit Grit is gonna wobble your face off.

Next on the roster bees a better known DnB trio from the UK known as Dexcell. Their newest upload is also one for the books. A pretty fresh remix of Ellie Goulding's Starry Eyed in a nice rolling breaksy tradition with a hot little lo-fi organ sound and some crazy spacious vocal effects towards the end. Get out the glow sticks and turn down the lights, cuz this shit goes hard. Lots of other great free tunes available from Dexcell and a mind-blowing 3 deck mix that is so worth your time if you dig that jungle sound.

It's gettin late already... so I must be headin out. Send these artists some love on their Soundclouds and buy their LP's if you really feelin em!

p3@(3 & <3,

Nick Time

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Mix Thursday? ;)

Eyyy, kiddies. A lil late on mix Wednesday... but I hope you'll forgive me. I have brought along gifts. Lots of stuff to cover tonight.

Let's start with a lovely mix I just finished in honor of Mix Wednesday, as well as my newly purchased Pioneer cdj 100's! Half the buttons don't work, but that's neither here nor there... We do work.

So here it is, folks:
Quickdraw McGraw-Quickdraw Sound Vol. I

An introduction to my spinning sound. Begins with some Dubstep on the heavier side. Lots of real heady rollers... You can sit back with a spliff, shake your crazy ass, or just skank it out... All vibes included. Then halfway through we move on to the Drum and Bass. When I build myself a larger collection, I'll truly start upping my Bass skills, peeps because this is my music without a doubt. Tunes are all over the place like they should be. :)


Doctor P- Air Raid (Original)
Jahdan Blakkamoore-The General (Marcus Visionary Remix)
Ed Solo- Watch Your Eyes (Original)
Skream Vs. Trae & Yung Joc-Lightning in the Hood (gWorm Mash-Up)
^^^Courtesy of Show some love!
Darren Styles- Getting Better (Elliot M & Special Features Dub Remix)
Ikonika- Please (Original)
Noah D- Seeerious (Original)
Drumsound & Simon Bassline Smith- R U Ready (Album Mix)
Dirtyphonics- Quarks (Original)
Matizz- Through My Eyes (Future Engineers Re-set)
The Count & Sinden- Strange Things (Club Edit)
Cage the Elephant- Ain't No Rest For the Wicked (Ashes DnB Remix)
^^^^Straight from the man himself. Lots of great free tunes on Ashes' Soundcloud
Electrosoul System- Aura (Original)
BULB- Fragile (Original)

Enjoy! and if you'd like a copy of any of the tunes don't hesitate to holla!

Also, I'd like to include two of my favorite mixes of late... Both completely different and completely bangin.

First up is Bassnectar's IDJ 2010 mixtape available from Mr. Lorin's website. I can never get enough of his sound. His knowledge of the break is so far beyond his contemporaries... it's downright sickening. "Let's all break it down"

and last but fucking wickedest is an 80's punk mix entitled "Y Bother" by Rory Them Finest from Mad Decent monster Diplo. Oh how I love Mad Decent and their crazy goodies!!

Cheers, friends! There is much much more to come.

Mix Wednesday!?

So, back in the good ol' days when Nick and I were housemates and no one cared how loud we played our music... we had a thing called mix wednesday. This is primarily how I learned to DJ. We would wake up around noon and the bass would bump til 2am, taking turns on the decks and usually churning out a 30-60 min. mix either together or separately.

I propose we bring back the tradition here... posting either our own new mixes or our favorites from all around the world of electronic music and bloggin'.

I reallllly wanted to post the Crookers mix for MishkaNYC that my buddy Matt showed me.. but their link has expired. I emailed them askin to fix it but until then, here's the previous week's mix by another electro house king, Jack Beats.

Bounce to this... it aint dub but it's still sick.

Jack Beats mix for Mishka

To Nick and Sarah: I think each of us should find/make a good mix each week and post all three together for future wednesday goodness. Help me out!

Go Slow

Oy, I'm James - good ol' buddies of Nick and Sarah my new co-authors. I don't mean to brag but my love of electronic music goes back a bit further... my formal training began after my first rave in 2005 (47 years ago!) when I was blown away by a drum n' bass remix of Manu Chao's "Bongo Bong". It took me another year and a half to figure out who the original track was even by... but only a week to get on soulseek and demand that someone explain what drum n' bass was to me. That was the beginning of a long road of musical discovery, and I have flirted with almost every style of dance music since then.

I got my own decks in the summer of '08, determined to become a DnB Dj. I moved on to breakbeats, then fidget/ bassline electro... then dubstep blew my world apart. Now I have gotten over the hump of dubstep addiction and am open to all styles as long as the production is good and the vibe is sick.... but I am still partial to that 1/2 time swing. I can't forget my long lasting love of old-school jungle though, and plan to start a bit of a weekly theme along those lines here.

Until then, here are a couple of dub tracks that have really been movin' me recently.. a slightly different take on the typical dubstep phenomenon by genius producer Eskmo, and a tune that takes full advantage of my favorite kind of female vocal sample and some nicely placed pauses by the UK's George Lenton.

Download (mediafire):
Eskmo - Harmony

George Lenton - Sorry

Big thanks to Uh Oh Disco! and Squeegie for the mp3s!

Go sway back and forth near your subwoofer and await some jungle tunes.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Some Beatiful Ting

Name's Nick. I've got loads of Dub/Reggae, Dubstep, DnB/Jungle, and a mish-mash of fly E.D.M. styles that I'll be assembling for your listening pleasure. I've been in the game for a brief minute, listening to electronic styles for a little over 2 years but in the last year, like my pal Sarah and countless others, my eyes were opened to the dub scene. :) Needless to say, I'm more involved... always mixing, reading interviews, articles, blogs, trying my hand at productions of my own, setting up house parties, and just trying to spread a general awareness of the music and the amazing scene of people as far as I can. I'm pretty excited about gettin started, so I'mma get on it...

This 2008 dubstep release by Unknown Artist on the Dubby Style Label is sure to get any real dub enthusiast in the mood. A side is an exquisitely tight remix of Dawn Penn's Reggae classic "You Don't Love Me (No No No)". I can sit and listen to the break from 1:53-2:20 on repeat for what seems like hours. Absolutely sick. Dub sound always rules. B side is a serious meditator... Unknown artist has remixed the gorgeous Damien Marley tune Road to Zion. There are no words... Except that when that bassline hit you, you be feelin no pain.

Check it on YouTube here... Unknown Artist- Zion Road

Download both tracks in 320 here:

Please enjoy the music while your party is reached.

P.S. New Dubstep/DnB mix with my new cdj's in the next few days. Keep it locked!

Links of the day

You know you can't find the best shit for dub on itunes, or even through youtube-Here are a few sites to think about visiting for good shit, the three i'm listing are personal favorites, and all are from SoundCloud, which i'm considering to be my link of the day for today. There are a ton of other sick ass artists, and i'll start doing some sort of artist of the day or some shit like that xx

*The first and foremost, is Olaf's music site, which is located on SoundCloud, he has gotten into mixing more now that he has more free time, hasn't come out on his site with anything recent but i'm sure that'll change soon-->Korrupt

*The second is also a SoundCloud site, Nicks'. Nick's gonna be helping out with this blog shit, and he's good sick beats, tends to play around with dubstep/jungle/dnb/etc. he loves it all. A song you should listen to; that chocolate rain remix, sounds so much better remixed -->NickofTime

*The third, is DJ Madam Bliss, who I absolutely adore, she's been hanging around the Baltimore scene for a while and she's a repeat guest at really good shows in B-more and elsewhere, her most recent being The Return of Fall Massive, her beats are both grime, and relaxing dub-->DJ Madam Bliss

Your first daily dose

I woke up this morning in a really good mood about where this blog might possibly go-I'm lucky enough to have friends who have been in this game a lot longer than me, and have alotttt of amazing ideas-so i'm gonna add two people to my team, Jame's and Nick! Being new to this whole blog thing, I still gotta work out how i'll do this but for now, enjoy what I hope will be the first of many morning songs to get your day started, just remember to ignore the fact that it's already noon-I slept in late! Enjoy ravers xx

*I couldn't get the actually video up, so click ravers for the link*

Monday, February 1, 2010

New Work Out Plan

After having an insane night Friday at Cornell's frat house, Thumpty-I am still weak and lazy on my feet. After having a slow start to my day, I ended off on a better note, after discovering glow sticks in my purse from Friday's rave, unused! So of course I whipped them out, May, my roomate, had to work until 10:30 pm anyway-so I decided to put some dub on & rave out a bit. It turned out to be the best work out, accompanied with a little high from the music and lights-and i must admit, I had just been with Mary-Jane and Paige. I love good dubstep or dnb that gets you going in the morning, like you wanna bounce your ass to the gym and move to that crazy beat, enjoy xx

Down the Rabbit Hole

A year ago I was introduced to Dubstep and Drum and Bass. Now, a year later, I sit here, having been taught the ropes by Olaf and various other influences-ready to start my own little journey through the underground-and i'm gonna try to keep a blog.

My stilo has changed alot within the last year or so. Being a freshman in college, I have a sense of power, being on my own all the way up in Ithaca, NY. I came here, ready to work and party, and get out of D.C. Having just lost the love of my life, I thought I needed to escape DC/MD, thinking it had nothing to offer me, however, I traveling for these raves, I realized my home is DC and my life is underground world of dirty fucking Baltimore. And that's not to say that there hasn't been amazing music here in Ithaca-both in places such as Penn Street, and Thumpty Frat on Cornell Campus, have music that will make your face fall off.

So enjoy the music, the photos, the videos, learn a bit, GO to the concerts if you can. The undergrounds got me, i've always had it in me to be a rave girl, now i'm just ready to show it more =]

Dubstep/DnB respect-let's get started bitches xx