Photo Cred to Bayan Mogharabi

Monday, May 17, 2010

Punk Lenton

Just stumbled upon this George Lenton Dubstep remix of One More Time by Daft Punk. Everyone knows the original... but this reinforces my opinion that Lenton is a king in the dubstep field.

More posts to come from me, I have been internetless for a few weeks but now I am once again connected to the web-wide-world.


Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Make your Final Escape

Summer fever has officially sunk in! We're all horrible at keeping up with this! But needless today, the dub is always going, therefore so shall we! I'm gonna hit you with two really good dub mixes' today. The first is your daily dose of dub.

Dark, consistent, this song keeps your head going forward and back the entire song. It's a chilll-dubstep, which lately I can tell i've been into more. Finding you like it? You can download it for free right HERE! Take a listen and let yourself get lost in dub.

The next is a long 45 min mix for you, a little different, i'm gonna get you guys into Electronic Dub now that you've experienced some of Dubstep and Drum and Bass, it's time to see yet another amazing demension of the rave world!

[this free mix is possible to download so DOWNLOAD away!]

Hope these two get your day going, it's ALMOST summer, for most of you, you are in your last week of finals and this muisc is perfect to kick off your summer and make your final escape.


Thursday, May 6, 2010

Your daily dose

Hello all, I trust most of you are hungover from your Cinco De Mayo activities! Around the DMV area-the weather was amazing! Today's daily dose is gonna be a little softer than usual-well actually, I guess softer would be an understatement haha-dubstep is always grime, and today's song is no exception. However, the softer nature of the song comes from the female voice, which adds somewhat of a darkness to it, and builds you up to the drops and wobbles. In dedication, to my friend Fernando, who will be laid to rest-this song almost seemed appropriate enough. This one is for you.

RIP my friend, as you now lay amongst the stars

Thizzle xx

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Triple the dosage

Hello and Happy Sunday to everyone! I hope people got a chance to make it out to Rolling On Dubs 2 yesterday at the black hole-unfortunately, I was not able to make it, however there are photographs already up on various sites. For those of you that were able to make it, awesome! I heard it was sick as usual, with the whole night dedicated to dubstep.

To all you Ithacans, I hope you were able to make it out to Thumpy Nation's event last night, the Indobox! It was suppose to be a killer event and I had friends that headed out and went all out for the celebration!

Gotta love spring season, brings out the inner party animal in everyone. I'm gonna hit you with three doses of dub today, and i'm gonna mix it up for ya. One is a dubstep track, one is a drumnbass track, and one is a happy hardcore track. After all, all three genres bring their A game to the table, it's only fair all three have the chance to spread-and that is our job baby.

Your dubstep track for today happens to be two of my favorite dubstep artists, Archangel and Mt. Eden. Both are known for a more darker, slower dubstep-and always dropping ill wobbles. The song is intense, let it slow you down and fall into the muisc.

For your drumnbass entertainment we have Mage. Already bringing the heat, Mage's Summer Love sets the tone for what is sure to be a summer filled of nasty drumnbass beats. The Russians know good muisc.

Finally, some awesome happy hardcore to get your Sunday MOVING. I'm not going to lie, I really do love this song. I'll play it in my car, full volume when I just need to get motivated. Feeling blue? Or pissed even? Then this song is for you, it'll get your heart racing. Take a listen, and i'll meet you on the other side.

Enjoy my little ravers, boom boom boom booom!

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Rollin on Dubs 2! Tonight at the Black Hole!

Yes! I am happy to ring in the start of May with a kick-ass show put on by Good Vibes tonight at the Black Hole. For anyone willing to make the hour long trip to Baltimore, this is completely going to be worth the gas and time. I should add, one of the artists, Hubsmoke-is a local local-from Bethesda Chevy Chase High School, class of 07'-Sina. Make sure to support all of your local artists! Here is the layout:

This may Good Vibes Promotions will have you Rollin On Dubs with an all dubstep mainstage at the black hole!! This lineup is rediculous and offers some of the freshest dubstep producers on the east coast!!! Free mixes from DJ'S on this lineup can be found at

Room 1: Dubstep

Down Jones B2B Ghost // Dubstep // Philly
(Foul Play, Seclusiasis, p5,gasm // Seclusiasis, Good Vibes, Londons Burning Rec)

w/ MC Sharpness
(Mental Sharp, p5, Gasm)

Rigorous Intuition // Dubstep // FL/NC
(3rd Rot Records/Stupid Fly Records)

Voidstar Runner // Dubstep // NY
(BarCore, Theory Events, DrumAttix, GBA )

Hubsmoke // Dubstep // MD
(DubFWD, Good Vibes, Bass Tasty, Binge Rec)

Room 2:

Justin Peake // House // DC

Jay Shok // Breaks // Philly
(Light It Up)

Grains Of Sound // Psy Trance // MD
Sine Language~ CD Release Party

Jason H // live trance set // MD

Jacob Daniel // Breaks // DC
(The Brothers Grim,

15$ Full Price // 12$ In B-Boy / B-Girl Clothing!! //+3$ Under 21
Tons of Free Parking Available!!
2 Spacious Areas of sound with different styles of music in each area all night!!!
18-21 // 9 P.M Til 2 A.M
18 to party // 21 to drink

Pure Filth

Dirty dirty dirty! And we love it! For anyone that knows Bare Noize-you'll enjoy this one. Starts off as light dub but gets grimey as fuck. Perfect to get your weekend started. It has somewhat of a foriegn feel to it before it hits you with some straight filth. Enjoy your daily dose dubbers and Happy Saturday!

Thizzle xx