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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

And They Just Keep on Comming

Not gonna lie-been on a dubremix craze last few weeks. I just love hearing familiar tunes remixed hardcore. I got a ton of music coming atcha this week. I know, I know, i've been horrible. But can you blame a girl? This weekend was Summer Massive, and for any one that missed it, you should be ashamed. Gonna hit you with a few remix's for now though.

Foo Fighters. Love em. I was a huge alternative rock fan before dubstep. Yes, I do love everything-Dubstep is a huge favorite but i've only been in the scene about 2 years now, and I build up a collection of genres over the years. When this song came out originally I was in love. I like the idea of mixing rock with dub, it'd different but workable. Starts off soft, picking up a beat, then dropping that wobble! Still brings the rock, but with wobble instead of drums.

Foo Fighters - Best Of You (Swashway Dubstep Remix) by swashway

Somehow never got around to sharing more Cudi dub-remix's. You know you want your cudi. Hitting ya first with that slowed down wobble feel is Memories, starting off up-beat the chours hitscha with that slowed wobble feel. That Tree is more upbeat, starting with narly boom boom booms-little bit of vocals and ofcourse the infamous Snoopdawgiedawg-remember, don't forget your tree.

Snoop Dogg feat. Kid Cudi - That Tree (The Filth Remix) by The Filth


PINK FLOYD! YES. Finally found something I like--this song is a classic, not much needed to explain this. This song makes me comfortabley numb-beautiful.


Kinda on that rocknroll grind today-hittin yah up with two very good RadioHead songs, remixed by two different artists. Kinda a dark feeling to the first one, but not loosing the orginality of the song. Only thing i'll say about Idioteque, you could fuck to this song, it's that beautiful.

Radiohead - Street spirit (fade out) Blunt Instrument Dubstep remix by bluntinstrument

Radiohead - Idioteque (Serphonic Remix) by serphonic

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Indie meet Dub

I love listening to music of my past, remixed into my currently music listenings. Recently found, this remix has a very relaxed dubby feel to it. Postal Service was my shit, especially DC Sleeps Alone-i'm from DC, ofcourse I love this song. Starts off very mellow with minimal, but just enough bass. Little bit of electronica and wobble, then picks up towards the end with a faster tempo. Perfect amount of remix. Club Seal on the remix-check out some of his other stuff, it's noteworthy.

The Postal Service - The District Sleeps Alone (Club Seal's Dubstep Remix) by Clubseal

Pretty sure i've put some The XX up here in the past. Kind of a Florence and the Machine feel with the vocals, the original of Infinity is fantastic! However, this "MartyParty Dubstep" remix has a nice wobblely feel, puts a little fun twist on a sexy song.

MartyParty-TheXX-Infinity-Remix by MartyParty

Speaking of Florence and the Machine-this remix is bee's knees as well! I have a thing for gorgeous vocals and dubstep mixed together--my Valentines day post was the original, You Got The Love, and this remix just makes me fall in love more. Funky beats and tunes. Gotta say I love the build up in the end, with that one low drop-mmm mmm mmm perfecto.

Florence and the Machine - You've Got the Love (XX remix/Surecut Kids/myles AWAY dubstep refix) by Dr†Wrex

Saturday, August 21, 2010

End Summer With A Bang-literally.

This mix is going to blow your mind-period. A majority of you guys are heading back to your schools, your jobs-or just hate the feeling that we're about to be in September already. Why not end it with a bang?

This mix has some of the hottest tracts from this summer. A mix of Electro Disco/Dubstep/Electro/Dutch House and Electro House-you must check this out. The artist-new for me, Pills Here-are a group of both producers and DJ's collaborating together to bring the fucking rage. Be sure to check out their other shit, it's worth it. This mix makes me want to be in full rave gear, and reminds me of how sick summer 2010 was. Don't be sad though, this mix also reminds us that the music NEVER ends.

Reminder-SUMMER MASSIVE 2010 is a week from today, August 28th, if you havn't gotten tickets yet, you really should-expect a sell out rager, tickets have gone up to $25-get em while you can. And look for me there, i'll be raging out with King J4MES & Borticus along with some of my other favorite ravers.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

The Remix's

It's kinda gross out today, ugh.
Thought i'd feed you guys some good tunes-found these the other day, they're all remix's of regular pop, rock, etc. songs: re-done to drumnbass, dubstep, etc.

(for any who are fans of Snow Patrol and even for those who are not. DrumnBass remixed, I enjoy the pace in this song, upbeat with a mellow side. It puts a little spin on indie rock, mixed well.)


(loving loving LOVING this song loads-for any fans of Oasis, this remix is most definitely for you. Starts slow, then picks up with a fast past, and throw in that synthie feeling with the fast past of drumnbass-this song totally has my heart today)


(remixed and still mysterious-what I love about this is sometimes there are remix's that just don't fit the song-it's almost like dubstep, and then the original added on top, doesn't sync or anything, but this remix maintains the original feel while adding it's own spin making for a super mysterious dubby song-i love it)


(YES YES YES-this song, I know everyone will enjoy. Dead Perez's infamous Hip-Hop remixed by WTF just for your listening pleasure. Grime as fuck. Spin it down and break them beats. This song has you singing the words and the womps with it. Your gonna wanna move your body to this one.)


All very good-all downloadable, go fourth and listen to your remix's of the day.


Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Baobinga & I.D. Love the Free

Just caught on to this track courtesy of a couple of my favorite UK dubstep producers. Free 320 download!

Good shit.

I.D. Mustang VIP 320 by bassmusic

Friday, August 13, 2010

When You Mix Rap with Dirty Dub

What happens when you take really good rap, and re-mix it with some dirty good dubstep?


Stumbled upon this today and had to share, Hip-Hop by Dead Perez is a classic example of a good rap song. Now take that good rap song, and add some wobblie wobbles and you have WTF's verzion of "Hip Hop" and it's definitely "bigger than."

Just goes to show that music genres were meant to be mashed together when they're great.

Take a listen, download, and enjoy.

Dead Prez & WTF! - It s Bigger Than Hip Hop (Dubbed Out Mix) by Sarah bear

Thursday, August 12, 2010

UK Import: Annie Mac Mashup

I fucking love Annie Mac. Who wouldn't? She's got that sick UK british accent, and the beats she brings on her shows are legendary.

I stumbled upon this mix this morning actually, and it's flipping fantastic! 2 hours of a mixture of different beats, raging from dubstep, disco, hiphop, and even some BIGGY-yep, I fucking said it, the notorious B.I.G. is thrown into this mix.

Downside to this mix, there's a lot of talking in between some of the beats, but then again, this is a radio show that Annie Mac throws together in the UK, for BBC radio, known as BBC Radio One- and ofcourse they talk, just bare through it, it's worth it. Being 2 hours long, even if you don't hear something you like in the beginning you'll hear something later on, that's the beauty of these mix's is that she throws a mix of everything in. My soundclouds' getting a little overcrowded with music so go ahead and download it via mediashare! Link is below. (ANNIE MAC RADIO ONE MIX-DOWNLOAD)

Enjoy ravers.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Mixin' Hard in Honor of Borticus

The other half of my dj duo is out of town, but he still managed to inspire me to let loose on the tables and play some good ol' fashioned hard electro jams.

Check out this mix!

OE - Tribute to Borticus by OldEnglish800

Monday, August 9, 2010

Baobinga, my man

For a while, I was really into dubstep. Any way shape or form, it's what I wanted to hear. As it exploded in popularity, I became curious about the new mutations and things that have spawned from the genre in its wake, and that led me to Uk Funky (which I know many of you probably don't find too exciting). Baobinga is an artist who I consistently enjoy because he seems to find a good balance between the hard & heavy side of traditional dubstep and the upbeat shuffle of UK Funky house. Basically, he makes the kind of music I would want to make if I had any know how whatsoever.

I came across a recent mix of his on another good blog, Chw Yr Vtmns, and I recommend you take a listen. Don't expect Excision & Datsik level wobble at all, but this still has a good thumpin' groove and consists of some of the latest & greatest sounds in UK dance music.

Baobinga Mix for Crash Magazine


Friday, August 6, 2010

"These Dudes Design my Drugs"

Few weeks back when Paradox played host to Click-special guests, Designer Drugs were there-bringing the head as always. The same event also played host to Deadhead DJ's who we've blogged about before-as our special UK important interest.

This mix might be old to some, new to others, either way it's the best mix to be pumpin yo ass for tonight! And for anyone that doesn't know, REID SPEED will be melting faces tonight at Burbon Street with Original Sin for yet another smasher installment of DubNation Vol. 16.

This mix starts off with KidCudi, building up to drops, wobbles, and of yes, some zombie talk. Artists to look out for included in this mix are Tiesto, Steve Aoki, Doorly, Kill the Noise, Diesel Boy, and ofcourse Le Castle Vania-however almost every song in this mix screams rage.

Click below to listen, and the soundcloud page has the download.

Click THIS to find out more about Dubnation
Click THIS to listen to Reid Speed and gettcha pumped for tonight.


DATAMIX 09 by Sarah bear

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Some 'Step

Hey guys,

Been ages since I've posted on here but a buddy just put this one up on facebook...

I have a hard time finding good Dubstep lately among the hoardes of imitation wobbles that have surfaced, but I definitely enjoyed this one. If you have a youtube ==> mp3 converter, this video is in HD so rip shamelessly.

Hopefully I will be able to host up a quality mix for you to enjoy soon, until then enjoy the Kenji. Big ups to Tizzle for all her hard work on the blog here!

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Definition of Beauty

Happy to Tuesday to everyone, for most, it's one of the shittiest days of the week, however for me, it's the sweet smell of payday ;)

Gotta be quick-gotta get up and moving however I found this amazingly beautiful remix of Sierra Leone, yess that's right B.E.A.U.T.I.F.U.L. I've hit you up with Mt. Eden dubstep, but this remix comes out of New Zealand-which is nice because if gives us a taste of dubstep around the world.

This song pretty much speaks for itself, enjoy it and wake up :)

Agent K & Bella - Sierra Leone (Alexis K) FREE DOWNLOAD by AlexisK

Monday, August 2, 2010

Rated R

I'm having some troubles getting up the blogpost that I wanted to be up by yesterday-look out for it tonight, until then, here are a few facemelters.

Be warned-listening may cause, faces to slowly melt and ears to bleed out with bass.

Hooky-“Hooky has been spotted lurking around area 51. There has been many suspicious events happening in the area such as people’s bleeding limbs flying at very high speeds through the air. Scientists in the area have confirmed that there have been large movements in contour lines due to bass frequencies”…

Hooky - No Escape by ItsHooky

Hooky - Say something by ItsHooky

DJ Slime-Fast beats, unique sounds, dark, liquidy & jump. Slimey beats make for slimey face.

DJ Slime July Mix by DJ Slime