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Wednesday, March 31, 2010


San Fransisco's Claude Von Stroke has been one of my favorite House/Techno artists since I was introduced to EDM in 2007. His tunes are a masterful blend of dark drums, atmospheric vocal samples, and some of the techiest tick-tocks around. If you haven't heard of this Tech-House legend and his 2006 international boomer "Whose Afraid of Detroit?" just push play below...

Von Stroke, named Barclay Crenshaw, released his second full length LP, "Bird Brain", in October 2009 under his own Dirty Bird label. It is a must have for lovers of minimal house and techno. For everyone else... no worry. There are goodies. The hype machine and I found a great stash over at Lost In Sound where you can pick up "Vocal Chords" from the new LP, "Whose Afraid of Detroit", some great remixes, and 2 full mixes that will show you this man's true genius. Also... head over to Lost In if you ever feel the need to check out a real blog. ;) They're really keepin it fresh over there with information about events, musical styles, and culture related to all things electronic. Below are my favorite tunes from Von Stroke's new album... Do what's good for you and listen closely. Especially the last one... "Big and Round" :)

You'll enjoy

Music Playlist at

Ten... Nine... Eight...

So next Friday, April 9th, is one to mark on the calendars. If you're a resident of the District or are just in the area and looking for a reason to get silly! this is it. District Ignition is joining forces with Steez Promo to bring an evening of bassbin madness like you've never experienced!! District Ignition's main club event, Snatch Rewired, is the longest running underground EDM party in the District and for good reason. Since Rewired moved to Muse Nightclub in November, they've kept on bringing quality underground dance music producers and dj's to town. Snatch @ Muse has seen the likes of AC Slater, DJ Icey, Treasure Fingers, M.A.N.D.Y., Kill the Noise, Elite Force, Star Eyes, John B, and DJ Craze just to name a few. Steez and DI are bringing a solid lineup with headliners Reid Speed, Drop The Lime, and Trillbass with support from a host of amazing local dj's including District Ignition's own Ciconte, Steez Promo's frontman Smash Gordon, as well as local sub frequency rockers Houston(DnB) and Hubsmoke(Dub). Tiz, James, and I will be there, and so should you.

Monday, March 29, 2010

House? Mix.

Hey guys,

Nick and I had a fuckin awesome time this weekend first stopping at the renegade on friday night in an old circuit city, glowstickin it up... then heading to the black hole saturday to lay waste.

All in all I danced more this weekend than the last 6 months combined...

I also had the chance to finally make a mix of some of the house that's comin out of the dubstep influenced 2step sound...starts out pretty traditional and gets more and more "UK" as it nears the end.

Check it out and lemme know what you think!

OE - Post Circuit III

Right now I am having some technical difficulties, but Nick also recorded a sick dubstep mix while he was here and I will up it asap for ya.

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Enter the Magical World

Well good afternoon my little rave protege! For those of you who know me well ;), you will know that today is a very good day for me. Sharing a little story, taking risks, has it's thrills-i took some risks, and last night it came down to whether i should behave n stay home on a Friday night...or....rave n take a risk n James Bond my night-I choose rave! Although I did not actually get to my destination, however I did spend the night meeting strangers, and seeing old old friends and really enjoying my night. Being back i my car, I was blasting new BassNecatar that I decided i just had to show you guys! Now, if you don't know BassNectar by now, then it's a shame because it's my first rule, always start with a big artist and work your way around. I'm choosing this alice and wonderland picture because it's the perfect song to look at the picture and feel the magic ;)

Enjoy today's daily dose! Thizzle xx

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Your daily dose

Gooooood morning little ravers-everyone enjoying the fact that we're like already halfway through the week, it's amazing how fast time goes by sometimes. Anyway, I was sitting here, trying to figure out what I wanted today's daily does to be and as i'm thinking and looking through my little library of dubstep music, this song that's featured in one of the DaBears mixes came on and it was just ripping it and I was like, "well now I have to make this the daily dose!" The artists' name is Vaski. Hailing from Minnesota, there isn't much I know about Vaski, however I do know that his music seems to bring out the darker side in dubstep, which I personally, happen to love! If you love wobbles, and womps, and overall bass bleeding through your ears[in the good way,] then Vaski's beats are in fact for you. So enjoy today's daily dose and let the beats D.R.O.P. One song I would also recommend if you enjoyed "Get Down," is "Godzilla"

much love, thizzle xx

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Your daily dose

Good morning all, I hope that where ever you are, you are enjoying the weather, assuming good weather is around you. Spring is finally here! Well, I suppose not officially, but overall-winter is beginning to transition out! Although I wonder if people in Ithaca are gearing up for snow, here in DC we had some rain but temperatures remain pretty warm. Ofcourse, humidity is striking DC! Anyway, lets get right into today's daily dose! Today's dub song has a little spin on it, Please Mr Postman by Cragga is a great dubstep reincarnation of a 1960's single by the Marvelettes. It really blends nicely and gives this song another place in the spotlight. What I enjoy about this song is the single fact that I am obsessed with idea of taking music from 1960 and blending it with a more raw sound, yet still ending up really really good. Anyway-enjoy it and enjoy your morning/afternoon :)

Thizzle xx

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Hello Strangers

Hi all, sorry i've been completely MIA for the last few weeks, once again! Lets jump right into things, it's a little late but I found this amazing remix that was in the DaBears mix, DubLicious :) For any of you Cudi fans, you'll love this one. In short, "The Killabits are a Toronto based crew producing excellent Dubstep. They hit us with their KC - Pursuit of Happiness version last week where they re-worked the Steve Aoki Mix. It`s fresh, it`s brand new." This is that song that you definitely need to put on your ipod and blast through some high quality bass speakers ;)

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Your daily dose

Good morning guys! Trying to get back into the swing of things, i'm trying to work on posting up your daily dose and keep up with posting vids and photos I've been meaning to post up since my trip to DC, which by the way was weeks ago. Hope everyone's awake this morning, cause today's daily dose will blast through your eardrums if your not haha.

So I decided to choose Elmkay as today's daily dose. I first saw him preform back around the time of my birthday in January when I was with friends at Fall Massive(the makeup event). When the imfamous, "when I look at you," came on I was lost in a completely different world. Not to mention there were some insane lights going on with the Dub Nation sign flashing in the background.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Silent Storm on a Spring Day

Whatupp Whatupp-sorry i've been bad about posting! Again, i've been mad busy with all that school work shit and working through things in my life. I've gotten really into Dubstep Forums lately, trying to find those 1 hour + mixes where I can just have one mix of everything going, plus I love the mix up, you get a mix of loads of good dub in one sitting :) So today's daily dose is gonna be a dubstep mix I found on this forum website. The artist responsible for this mix goes by DubFaceMusic. He come from London, England and his shit is not half bad at all, considering that Starry-Eyed, one of my favorite songs was mixed in very well! Anyway, enjoy and more to come! Thizzle xx

Here are the track listings:
Mr Hudson - White lies (Rusko Remix)
Simian - Cruel Intentions (Joker Remix)
Starry Eyed - Jakwob Vs Ellie Goulding
Hold the Line (Skream Remix)
Doctor P - Badman Sound
Drumsound & Bassline Smith - R U Ready
Instra-mental - No Future (Skream Remix)
Joker & Rustie - Play Doe
Ginuwine - Pony (Boson Dubstep Remix)
Chromeo - Night by Night (skream remix)
Doctor P - Sweet Shop
Flux Pavillion - Digital Controller
Itchy Robot - RAW
Joker, 2000F & Kamata - You dont know what love is
Mad House (dead money mix)
Mr.Oizo - Flat Beat (16bit remix)
Kid Sister - Right Hand Hi (Caspa Remix)
Rusko - cockney thug (scratch perverts remix)
Noah D - Seeerious
Calvin Harris - Im not alone (Doorly Remix)
Rusko - Your On My Mind Baby
Jakes - Warface 2010

Silent Storm NYE (Dubstep Mix) by DubFaceMusic

Wednesday, March 3, 2010


Today is a good day. Twas gettin in the mood mixin up some new tunes this mo'nin, so I figured I'd send some good news yall way. So last week I discovered a blog that gave me a nice package of goodies to work out this week. If you've never been over to Gotta Dance Dirty do yourself a favor and get on over there.

So, Rusko's new EP Woo Boost is out as of last week and it's all the nastiness I hoped it would be!! I'm planning on picking up a copy on the Beatportal cuz the shit's ill and the man deserves the support for the genius tunes he creates. Anywho... Gotta Dance Dirty was nice enough to hook us zombies up with the Subskrpt remix and OH MY!! This is wobbly Electro House at its best, people. Go pick up the track at Gotta Dance Dirty or the whole EP at any respectable mp3 provider.

Another beauty was found in the G.D.D. archives that Rusko has recently dropped FO FREE!! So very happy to finally get ahold of this one. It was definitely the standout tune in the Mishka Vol. XII Rusko mix that I hope everyone is familiar with by now. "Your On My Mind Baby" is a track I will be playing out for months to come. One of those 3:30 a.m. jams that you can't help but sway like a drunken NASCAR fan to. And those breaks!!! Just puts me in the zone. Rusko is killing the dance inspired dubstep at the moment. Cannot wait for Starscape...

P.S. Been in a dark dnb mood lately and I've bought a few new 12"s and some mp3's that I shall share a bit of soon. And in case you didn't know the new Spor-Conquerors and Commoners EP just went on pre-order this morning over at Lifted Music. These 4 tracks are solid work from Spor that are well worth the purchase. Below is arguably the best work on the EP, "Kaori". Get ready for a journey, my friends.