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Tuesday, July 20, 2010

REID SPEED brings the heat

Reid Speed has graced us with yet another amazing mix--nothing short of a face melter, this mix is perfect for summer.

Reid Speed, knows how to bring the heat, ranging this mix from drumnbass to dubstep to drumstep and back-girl knows good bass. 40 min long, and downloadable-I highly suggest you download ASAP, pop it on your ipod and use it for workouts, driving, or just getting straight pumped. Some notable artists included in this mix are Nosia, BASSnectar, Camo&Krooked, SubFocus, Pendulum, & Doctor P-although every song and transition in here is killer.

TrackListing below--enjoy ravers, your daily dub mix:

1. Butane - This Is Your Brain on Music
2. Mixmaster Doc & Jo- s- Mantra
3. Bassnectar - Here We Go
4. Davip & Encode - Vamanos
5. Noisia - Split The Atom (Ed Rush & Optical Remix)
6. Reso - Slap Chop
7. DC Breaks - Mankind VIP
8. Camo & Krooked - Vampires (Phetsta Remix)
9. Davip & Encode - High Technology
10. Ed Rush & Optical - Crackball
11. Smooth & Dementia - On A Mission
12. Culture Shock - Bad Red
13. S.P.Y. - Slumdub
14. Twisted Individual - Crap Rinse Out (Serum Remix)
15. Dirty Deeds - Captain Planet VIP
16. Sub Focus feat. Amber Coffman - Hold On
17.Terravita - Electron
18. Pendulum- Salt in The Wounds
19. Doctor P. - Sick Tonight
20. Plan. B - She Said (16 Bit Remix)
21. Cyberoptix - Geisha
22. Envy - Normal (Skism Remix)
23. Gramaphonedzie - Why Don't You (High Rankin Remix)
24. George Lenton - Sorry
25. Freestylers- Cracks feat. Belle Humble (Flux Pavilion Remix)
26. Blondie - Call Me (TheMessiah Remix)

REID SPEED B2B Sessions by reidspeed


  1. HAH! SHE USES SORRY BY GEORGE LENTON! I so called dibs on that track before her.