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Tuesday, July 27, 2010

The kites can take you highh

So i'll keep tonight's post short, i've been shitty about hitting ya'll up with good summer jams!

Justin-whose responsible for the BAD-ASS photo chilling on the top of the blog page has always been finding sick music that I can use to blog for you guys and tonight's no exception. Think a mix between electro/dub/house. And who could say no with two sexy ass ladies on the cover!

Starting off slow, it kinda reminds me of a little Tiesto then mixed with Jean Elan's Lights Out-but it's got it's own twist. It drops around the 1:32 mark and if you close your eyes, maybe the kites WILL make you fly.

If not, then they'll sure make yah h.i.g.h.
Enjoy my little ravers.


[all music off my soundcloud is made so you can both listen and download now! i know youtube wasn't cutting it for people so i hope ya'll enjoy this more]

Gravitonas - Kites (Dada Life Remix) by Sarah bear

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