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Sunday, June 27, 2010

Newest Import: Deadhead DJ's fresh from the UK

In case you missed the memo-Click at the legendary Paradox in Baltimore took place last night! Talk about some amazing party. Although most of the Baltimore crowd made it's way to Unity in North Carolina this past weekend, masses still managed to make it out for Click-headliner being the legendary Designer Drugs.

After a long friday night-and a late start to my Saturday afternoon, I finally made my way out round 11pm with my usual rave crew-King J4MES & Borticus included! Good vibes, open air, BB-Q's, ravetastic lights, graffiti, hoopers, and even some Avatars ;)

Opening for Designer Drugs-DJ group, Deadhead DJ's straight outta the UK. Having the opportunity to meet them, we had to ask how they were enjoying America, what they thoughtof the Baltimore rave scene and such. Intriguing really, they mentioned how in the UK dubstepis way past the norm, and they're challenge is to come up with new genres as opposed to justplain dubstep/dnb. Also mentioned, upon being flown into America and put up in a nice hotel, each was give $500 for spending money. Ah, the wonderful life of being a DJ. Check out their summer mix on the soundcloud link below and enjoy the photos!

DeadHead DJs - Beach BUM mixtape by coco emanuel

[from left: holly hook, myself, and eric sedwick]

[Mara getting ravey with designer drugs]

[We have found the Avatars]

[Tim Hilton of Deadhead DJ's]

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