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Thursday, June 10, 2010

PORNstep, King J4MES & Borticus, OH MY!

For those of you who have heard the saying, Dub in my veins puts a spring in my step, you'll appreciate this. Grime, and nasty to the core, Pornstep adds a new spin on an already filthy genre. So much to update, almost a month has gone by, and us writers have done a shit-ass-job of bringing you guys the tunes you oh so desire. So today, i'm gonna post more than one daily dose! Womp Womp wibble wibbleeeee DUBBBBSTEPPPPP.

Get down with the nasty! Look out for this particular tune TONIGHT, as Ms. Thizzle proudly presents, King J4MES and Borticus live, at Sabore, in Clevland Park, DC. Spinning live, from 11-4am, this show is not to be missed. Up and coming, James Durant and Nick Bortz are quickly hitting the dubstep/electro scene and proving that time does not make the artist, rather dedication. Having only started spinning a few months back, Nick has already shown great potential and easily latches on to any type of genre. He currently is learning how to mix drum and bass. James, on the other hand, is a vetran to the game. Hailing from Portland, James has been spinning since 2007 and continues to get better and better with each passing minute. His more relaxed dub/electro make for perfect post rave relaxtion, however don't underestimate the power of his womps.

Thus, King J4MES and Borticus were born, bringing both firepower and realism. Using influences such as Jakwob, 2Rip, Eskmo, Daedelus, & Nosia. Drinks are cheap, and its a free cover charge. You don't wanna miss them, up and coming, expect big things from these two in the future!

Now, for your daily dose of Dub! PORNstep, you knew it was coming. You can try to run and hide, but it's coming for you, PORNstep. Not much to explain, the song speaks for itself, nice touch with the ladies. Really gets the juices following, look for this track to drop tonight during the set! There's the YouTube Video, as well as my new SoundCloud set up, which allows you to straight up download the bitch! Enjoy.

Peace, Love n Dub baby


Dodge & Fuski - Pornstep Ft. The Highbury Whores by Sarah bear

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