Photo Cred to Bayan Mogharabi

Monday, August 2, 2010

Rated R

I'm having some troubles getting up the blogpost that I wanted to be up by yesterday-look out for it tonight, until then, here are a few facemelters.

Be warned-listening may cause, faces to slowly melt and ears to bleed out with bass.

Hooky-“Hooky has been spotted lurking around area 51. There has been many suspicious events happening in the area such as people’s bleeding limbs flying at very high speeds through the air. Scientists in the area have confirmed that there have been large movements in contour lines due to bass frequencies”…

Hooky - No Escape by ItsHooky

Hooky - Say something by ItsHooky

DJ Slime-Fast beats, unique sounds, dark, liquidy & jump. Slimey beats make for slimey face.

DJ Slime July Mix by DJ Slime


  1. Dj 2rip approves. thanks for the share. holler at me if there's any full versions available for me to jock.