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Thursday, October 7, 2010

Annihilate Yourself

I've been waiting for the right moment to blog about a very important influence in the underground. Being the 100th post, I thought I'd share a little bit about a DJ that has had a powerful influence in the underground scene here in teh DMV, as well as nationally. To some he goes by Chad, but to others he goes by DJ2Rip. 2Rip, was first found his musical inspiration in the 1980's has developed his own stilo of Djing and turned a now modern world of Underground into something more spiritual. He is not your normal, average DJ. If you have been lucky enough to see him preform live, then you will know what I am talking about.

For 2Rip, I have learned that it is about bringing PLUR back to the rave scene. when you step into one of his shows, you don't see just a stage, people, lights, and music. You see another world of the underground. Having been in the music scene for over a decade, 2Rip brings to the table something other DJ's have not. And that is, an art, and a uniquness to put on a wicked good show. The events, maybe you know a few, have been considered some of the best in the country. Opening for big artists such as MsterKraft, and Benny Benassi, and brining UK drumnbass group Pendulum to DC. He is also notoriously known for throwing outlawed renegade events that don't begun until way after the sun has gone down and don't end until the sun is back up and a new day has begun.

His stilo, is all his own. Mixing anything from techno, to bassline house, breaks, electro, and ofcourse that dubbadubbaDUBSTEP. He has rightfully earned his title as a respectful DJ. He is that artist that seeks out unknown spots and plans renegades you could only dream of. In fact, he makes your underground dreams a reality. The rave scene has somewhat has earned a bad name over the years. With drugs and bad vibes being the norm. However, you go to anyone of his shows, whether that be DMT, Mushroom Kindgom, Psychedelic Dreamscape, or most recently Big Dub Candy Mountain, and your eyes are open to a true underground world. Being in the mountains for a night in PA this past weekend, I saw free spirits, drum circlues, and true music/rave lovers at their best. PLUR was in full effect. 2Rip brings people together and allows you to open your mind to what music can open up inside of you. You can find youself. And you always make new friends.

The first time I met Chad, I sensed that he was the type of DJ that will always put his fans and his love for music before fame. And he has not let anyone down. And I see his fans showing true dedication to his cause. A rare example of the relationships that DJ's and their fans can have. Just another small wonder of the Underground. Why did I write so much on this DJ? He has had a positive influence on how I look at my life. I came home from Ithaca in March, lost with what I wanted to do, and over the months, I have watched and seen these shows and this dedication and found that I myself have a true passion for these types of things. I found a little bit of myself, which these days, if you don't listen to yourself, is rare.

Wanna know who 2rip is?
here's his facebook.
hear him TWEET
download some mixes from his website
ofcourse he's got that myspace
and check out that youtube
&& be badass.
Wanna know his associations and crew?
-District Ignition

Also, make sure to download his mixes found on his page, here's a link to Annihilating Rhythm

Below are photos from many of DJ2Rips events, and preformances. I completely urge you to listen to his music, and his entire website, including his blog. I will note, one posting "don't loose your glowstick" has a clear image of the first set I ever heard of 2rip, and in the moment of feeling the music, I threw my glowstick, HA-a funny memorable moment. Read even further below and see the upcoming SPECIAL events NOT to be missed by 2RIP. Take my advice. And follow the bass.

past events:

past flyers:

What's in store next? A few MAJOR things. Be sure to join 2rips emailing list. TRUST ME ON THIS ONE. You get wicked new music from him, updates via his blog, and address to shows you can't find through facebook. Want to be part of that world, email and join the mailing list. Wanna know what these "Party" signs mean?

check out EXPECT big things November 13, 2010-ofcourse you should, it's 2Rips birthday! Join the mafia, spread the word. Make a sign.

Some of the Bad-ass fans/followers.

AND FINALLY-after all that, I bet you want to see him NAO. Well here are his upcoming events, not to be missed. Click the picture to take you to URL link/information.

remember when raving, don't loose ya glowstick!"

Proud to have this be the 100th post. 2Rip, this is well deserved.xtiz


  1. I've had the pleasure of finally meeting Chad recently through a number of mutual friends, and in my opinion he embodies everything that is great about our subculture. It seems like everything he touches makes everyone who takes part euphoric. His music and raw energy always gets everybody raging. This post summed up his contributions beautifully.

  2. Annihilating rhythms is a sick ass mix but don't forget some of his more recent material! I will post that "live" set from Massive Attack if I can find it.

  3. Whoops I stand corrected. Annihilating rhythms is newer.. oh well check em both out!

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