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Thursday, December 9, 2010

I Don't Smoke Da Reefer

Thirsty Thursday, YES. Got two bangin songs sent to me yesterday, curtisoy of DJ 0bsure. If you havn't heard any of Marcus' stuff, you really should. He plays some mean progressive trance, house and electro.

For anyone that's heard and like Shiny Toy Guns, you'll enjoy this. Classixx on the remix, it has this poppy, sexy, electro feel to it. Easy to get hooked on this song, your head starts bouncing at the 2:05 mark.
I know many of you HAVE to know this song-especially if you smoke da reefer. It's Deeklines' I don't smoke the reefer, the Twockers Re-Rub remix. Starts off in this almost 'sunshine happy' feel then drops a bassline that makes you want to get lower. And if you have reefer, you're gonna want it for this song.

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