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Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Where's The Drop?

So I was at a little show called Fall Massive this weekend-you may have heard of it. Ha you're a sucker if you didn't hear about it. Massive in Baltimore brought out some big names, and some amazing artists.

Tizzle's Top 5:

Had to go into NumberNin6 a bit more though-making 2 appearences this week in the DC area, one at Drumstix 2 and one at Fall Massive. Both times he absolutely killed it. And I mean murdered that bassline-NumberNin6 brings the concept of dubstep back to what I first heard when the genre Dubstep was dropped into my lap. Both composure in beats, and just enough grime, when needed-not over done, but always satisfying, leaving his fans craving more.

Had to pick a few of my favorites out, but be sure to check out his SOUNDCLOUD for all music, and his MYSPACE, for free download links.

Everyone loves a good remix of Dead Perezs' Hip Hop-this brings an old school rock feel.
DeadPrez - Hip Hop (NumberNin6's 'Pervert' Refix) by NumberNin6

Dropped both times this weekend, this song drops harder than a bowling ball to your hand.
NumberNin6 - Garbage by NumberNin6

Relaxed dub feel-this song reminds me of the term "dubstep" and how this beat mixes dubstep originality with experimental smoothness.
NumberNin6 - Sarangi by NumberNin6

Topping on the the GrimeBass Cake-A 57 min installment of fresh new dub and a few unreleased tunes from NumberNin6 and his very bassy friends.


1. NumberNin6 - Hunt You Down [forthcoming subHUMAN]
2. Reso vs Vent - Rumble [forthcoming Subway] [Numbernin6 Edit]
3. Culprate - Trench Foot [dub]
4. NumberNin6 – Horndog [dub]
5. Marchmellow – Reel Simple VIP [dub]
6. 501 – The Beginning of the End [forthcoming Audio Phreaks]
7. Borgore ft Jazzsteppa – Jelly Bass Remix [dub]
8. NumberNin6 – Ribs [forthcoming Sour Grapes] [edit]
9. Rob Sparx vs John Maveric – Windscreen Sniper [forthcoming Z-Audio]
10. Engine-Earz vs Busta Rhymes – Hydroactive [dub]
11. Propa Tingz – Poor Man Style VIP [dub]
12. NumberNin6 – Garbage [forthcoming subHUMAN]
13. NumberNin6 – The Tempest [dub]
14. Excision & Datsik – Boom (Datsik VIP) [dub]
15. Excision & Datsik – Invaders [EX7]
16. Noah D – Killing Time [Basshead]
17. NumberNin6 – Sarangi [dub]
18. Rob Sparx – Prince of Persia [dub]
19. Reso – Hemisphere [dub]
20. NumberNin6 – With You [forthcoming Migration]
21. Mode – Workaholic [forthcoming Dark Circles]
22. DJ Fresh – Hypercaine (Nero Remix) [forthcoming Breakbeat Kaos]
23. Rob Sparx – What U Gonna Do (NumberNin6 Remix) [forthcoming Migration]
24. Stenchman – Lomongo Deltroy [dub]
25. Bar9 – Faded [dub]
26. Stickybuds – Eat A Pork Chop (Datsik Remix) [dub]
27. NumberNin6 – Pervert Remix (instrumental) vs Dead Prez – Hip Hop (acapella) [dub]
28. Bukez Finezt – Fukk What Cha Heard [forthcoming TuffLoveDubs]
29. Datsik – Galvanize [forthcoming SMOG]
30. Vista & Presence Known – Water Torture [dub]
31. Dexcell – Fukit (Culprate Remix) [dub]
32. NumberNin6 – Untitled [dub]
33. The Prodigy – Breathe (NumberNin6 VIP) [dub].

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