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Tuesday, December 14, 2010

A Taste of Beauty

No matter where you are right now, it's probably at least below freezing. Not to add to your goose bumps but this song really gets em going. I was introduced to the song by the guy that got me into this whole scene. Heard it a while back, and fell in love. Never got a chance to blog so here I am, blogging one beautiful song and its' remix on a FREEZING, somewhat snowy December day.

Here is the original, featuring Soundmouse, actually I quite like the music video, very Eruotastic.


The Remix of Afterglow is done by Japanese artist Akira Kiteshi. More upbeat but still able to maintain the beauty.

Phaeleh feat. Soundmouse - Afterglow (Akira Kiteshi Remix) by vegetables

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