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Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Drift Deeper into the Sound

I finally have found a remix of this song-I'll admit I have been known to love good trance, and when it's remixed well with dubstep, damn makes your heart go twice as fast. Motorcycle on the original, the words repeated, 'embrace me, surround me, as the rush comes,' never fail to bring goosebumps.

The last two songs have been more mellowed out, but I post what I enjoy, and that isn't always hard, or grime, or up-beat. The beat has beauty in it, and I find it relaxing. High-Rankin on the remix, check out his soundcloud for more beats.

Motorcycle - As The Rush Comes (High Rankin Remix) by High Rankin

For those of you who are in DC today, you should check out UStreet Music Hall tonight. Not the biggest fan of Steeze Promo, whose hosting, but HUGE fan of Emalkay. First heard live at Fall Massive last year, I was all about, 'When I Look At You,' ofcourse this is before he got blown up. Still, when you like an artist for their music, you will continue to no matter what. Take a look at his MySpace and Facebook as well as the Event Page for details about tonight. And for more tunez, check out his YouTube. The show is $10.

When I Look At You is PURE Emalkay CLASSIC. Take a listen.

Emalkay - When I Look At You by pheuter

For fans of Pendulum-Good Remix by Emalkay

Pendulum - Watercolour (Emalkay remix) by Gavatron

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