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Saturday, March 27, 2010

Enter the Magical World

Well good afternoon my little rave protege! For those of you who know me well ;), you will know that today is a very good day for me. Sharing a little story, taking risks, has it's thrills-i took some risks, and last night it came down to whether i should behave n stay home on a Friday night...or....rave n take a risk n James Bond my night-I choose rave! Although I did not actually get to my destination, however I did spend the night meeting strangers, and seeing old old friends and really enjoying my night. Being back i my car, I was blasting new BassNecatar that I decided i just had to show you guys! Now, if you don't know BassNectar by now, then it's a shame because it's my first rule, always start with a big artist and work your way around. I'm choosing this alice and wonderland picture because it's the perfect song to look at the picture and feel the magic ;)

Enjoy today's daily dose! Thizzle xx

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