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Wednesday, March 3, 2010


Today is a good day. Twas gettin in the mood mixin up some new tunes this mo'nin, so I figured I'd send some good news yall way. So last week I discovered a blog that gave me a nice package of goodies to work out this week. If you've never been over to Gotta Dance Dirty do yourself a favor and get on over there.

So, Rusko's new EP Woo Boost is out as of last week and it's all the nastiness I hoped it would be!! I'm planning on picking up a copy on the Beatportal cuz the shit's ill and the man deserves the support for the genius tunes he creates. Anywho... Gotta Dance Dirty was nice enough to hook us zombies up with the Subskrpt remix and OH MY!! This is wobbly Electro House at its best, people. Go pick up the track at Gotta Dance Dirty or the whole EP at any respectable mp3 provider.

Another beauty was found in the G.D.D. archives that Rusko has recently dropped FO FREE!! So very happy to finally get ahold of this one. It was definitely the standout tune in the Mishka Vol. XII Rusko mix that I hope everyone is familiar with by now. "Your On My Mind Baby" is a track I will be playing out for months to come. One of those 3:30 a.m. jams that you can't help but sway like a drunken NASCAR fan to. And those breaks!!! Just puts me in the zone. Rusko is killing the dance inspired dubstep at the moment. Cannot wait for Starscape...

P.S. Been in a dark dnb mood lately and I've bought a few new 12"s and some mp3's that I shall share a bit of soon. And in case you didn't know the new Spor-Conquerors and Commoners EP just went on pre-order this morning over at Lifted Music. These 4 tracks are solid work from Spor that are well worth the purchase. Below is arguably the best work on the EP, "Kaori". Get ready for a journey, my friends.

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