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Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Your daily dose

Gooooood morning little ravers-everyone enjoying the fact that we're like already halfway through the week, it's amazing how fast time goes by sometimes. Anyway, I was sitting here, trying to figure out what I wanted today's daily does to be and as i'm thinking and looking through my little library of dubstep music, this song that's featured in one of the DaBears mixes came on and it was just ripping it and I was like, "well now I have to make this the daily dose!" The artists' name is Vaski. Hailing from Minnesota, there isn't much I know about Vaski, however I do know that his music seems to bring out the darker side in dubstep, which I personally, happen to love! If you love wobbles, and womps, and overall bass bleeding through your ears[in the good way,] then Vaski's beats are in fact for you. So enjoy today's daily dose and let the beats D.R.O.P. One song I would also recommend if you enjoyed "Get Down," is "Godzilla"

much love, thizzle xx

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