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Monday, September 13, 2010

Activate SubSonic BASS

NEW EXCISION is here! For anyone that likes to get down with the ill, this mix is most definitely for you. Unique for having that transformers ish involved with bass and dirty, Excision has slowly been making his way up the charts, and has made several North East appearences in the last few months. He preformed this year at Starscape 2010, as well as making an appearence at Burbon Street and has had a growing number of followers since then.
Every year he preforms at Shambhala in Canda-and has recently released this years' raw mix, over an hour long-with artists including Subscape, Noisia, Datsik, Vaski, and Pendulum. Avaiable for download, I highly recommend you download now and enter the world of a transformation of dubstep, filled with raw sounds and dirty spins.

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