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Friday, September 10, 2010

Pinch of Grime with Your Coffee

Was surfing around from some grime dubstep to start your weekend off, and found this. Little mix of some of my favorites, everything from that SWAG to WHERE'S MY MONEY. Classic artists such as Caspa, Benga, Rusko, Skream, and Deadmau5. Don't you just love when you can fit a bunch of wicked good songs into one tiny mix, teasing you with the grime and making you want more. DJ Praiz, hailing from the UK has quite the unique sound, twisting and changing up familiar beats. DOWNLOAD THIS MIX HERE

If you like the grime, then you'll definitely like this DrumnBass mash up. Tad bit longer, at 9 minutes, it's the perfect wake up bass in your face mix. Artists include Chase and Status, High Contrast, and Sub Focus. Very upbeat, very dirty. DOWNLOAD THIS MIX HERE

It's Friday, so WAKE THE FUCK UP.

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