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Thursday, September 9, 2010

Korrupt Yourselves

The TeKno Party
Major Bass
Crazy Set Up
Forever Korrupt
DJ Korrupt & Shirt
My Best Friend-Owe this all to you
I've talked about him before, he's making his way up. Korrupt youselves everyone, you're about to get a taste of Netherlands finest. Olaf De Rooij, if you don't the name you should learn it. I met him over a year ago, and he is responsible to bringing me into the world of the Underground. Living in DC, he has been a native of Holland for years. When I first met him, I knew nothing about Dubstep, the Underground, and the meaning behind it. Since then, I have learned and grown so much and am proud to say that the reason for this blog being responsible is thanks to him. One thing I learned from him is that you have to find your own taste in this world of dubstep/dnb and stick to it. Don't follow the norm, don't bring the same beats, and always switch it up. I was fortunate enough to visit him last year in Holland and see a true taste of the world you don't see here in the states, even in Baltimore. His taste, more unique then most dubstep. And teKno, is his speciality.

I witnessed first hand the meaning of a true "free party" last year. One event he took me too, went a little something like this. The address to the party, was only obtainable by calling a number that was only opened for a short period of time, the location, a place out where the music played past the sunrise and well into the next day. Having arrived at midnight, I expected what I have seen in Baltimore, what I got was something greater than I could have ever picture. Speakers and bass taller than anything you could ever want here, more room but less people, giving you the freedom to let loose, and the music, different than most normal dub. TeKno-what I like to think as dub on cocaine, has a fast and bassy feel, in your face. You won't find it often here, but despite it being different, I urge you to really listen and open your mind. What I loved about Olaf was it didn't matter what "everyone else was listening too," if you like the beat and you have a passion for the music, go with it. That is the true meaning of being a lover of the Underground. Since beginning his journey, Korrupt has grown and evolved from spreading the love of the underground, to producing and adding to the Underground. This mix, made on his vacation in Italy with his parents is upbeat, but dark and shows the true taste of an Underground Artist. One that produces for the love of the music and not love of the fame. Interested in hearing more? Check out his soundcloud and YouTube and show your support. He truly has a unique sound. Expect more from him in the future.

And if you find yourself unsure about this mix, take this meaning away from you. Ask yourself what the Underground Movement means to you. Are you a true believer? Are you a true follower. What is your style and why do you like what you listen too. Open yourself to new music, explore all the artists and types of music there are to offer. Dig deeper and fall down the rabbit hole a little more.

Korrupt - TeKno Mix - June 24th 2010 by Korrupt


  1. jow korrupt als je geluid huurt betaal dan ook je rekening en laat het soundsystem niet met de koste zitten