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Thursday, August 12, 2010

UK Import: Annie Mac Mashup

I fucking love Annie Mac. Who wouldn't? She's got that sick UK british accent, and the beats she brings on her shows are legendary.

I stumbled upon this mix this morning actually, and it's flipping fantastic! 2 hours of a mixture of different beats, raging from dubstep, disco, hiphop, and even some BIGGY-yep, I fucking said it, the notorious B.I.G. is thrown into this mix.

Downside to this mix, there's a lot of talking in between some of the beats, but then again, this is a radio show that Annie Mac throws together in the UK, for BBC radio, known as BBC Radio One- and ofcourse they talk, just bare through it, it's worth it. Being 2 hours long, even if you don't hear something you like in the beginning you'll hear something later on, that's the beauty of these mix's is that she throws a mix of everything in. My soundclouds' getting a little overcrowded with music so go ahead and download it via mediashare! Link is below. (ANNIE MAC RADIO ONE MIX-DOWNLOAD)

Enjoy ravers.

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