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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

And They Just Keep on Comming

Not gonna lie-been on a dubremix craze last few weeks. I just love hearing familiar tunes remixed hardcore. I got a ton of music coming atcha this week. I know, I know, i've been horrible. But can you blame a girl? This weekend was Summer Massive, and for any one that missed it, you should be ashamed. Gonna hit you with a few remix's for now though.

Foo Fighters. Love em. I was a huge alternative rock fan before dubstep. Yes, I do love everything-Dubstep is a huge favorite but i've only been in the scene about 2 years now, and I build up a collection of genres over the years. When this song came out originally I was in love. I like the idea of mixing rock with dub, it'd different but workable. Starts off soft, picking up a beat, then dropping that wobble! Still brings the rock, but with wobble instead of drums.

Foo Fighters - Best Of You (Swashway Dubstep Remix) by swashway

Somehow never got around to sharing more Cudi dub-remix's. You know you want your cudi. Hitting ya first with that slowed down wobble feel is Memories, starting off up-beat the chours hitscha with that slowed wobble feel. That Tree is more upbeat, starting with narly boom boom booms-little bit of vocals and ofcourse the infamous Snoopdawgiedawg-remember, don't forget your tree.

Snoop Dogg feat. Kid Cudi - That Tree (The Filth Remix) by The Filth


PINK FLOYD! YES. Finally found something I like--this song is a classic, not much needed to explain this. This song makes me comfortabley numb-beautiful.


Kinda on that rocknroll grind today-hittin yah up with two very good RadioHead songs, remixed by two different artists. Kinda a dark feeling to the first one, but not loosing the orginality of the song. Only thing i'll say about Idioteque, you could fuck to this song, it's that beautiful.

Radiohead - Street spirit (fade out) Blunt Instrument Dubstep remix by bluntinstrument

Radiohead - Idioteque (Serphonic Remix) by serphonic

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