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Monday, August 9, 2010

Baobinga, my man

For a while, I was really into dubstep. Any way shape or form, it's what I wanted to hear. As it exploded in popularity, I became curious about the new mutations and things that have spawned from the genre in its wake, and that led me to Uk Funky (which I know many of you probably don't find too exciting). Baobinga is an artist who I consistently enjoy because he seems to find a good balance between the hard & heavy side of traditional dubstep and the upbeat shuffle of UK Funky house. Basically, he makes the kind of music I would want to make if I had any know how whatsoever.

I came across a recent mix of his on another good blog, Chw Yr Vtmns, and I recommend you take a listen. Don't expect Excision & Datsik level wobble at all, but this still has a good thumpin' groove and consists of some of the latest & greatest sounds in UK dance music.

Baobinga Mix for Crash Magazine


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