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Wednesday, August 18, 2010

The Remix's

It's kinda gross out today, ugh.
Thought i'd feed you guys some good tunes-found these the other day, they're all remix's of regular pop, rock, etc. songs: re-done to drumnbass, dubstep, etc.

(for any who are fans of Snow Patrol and even for those who are not. DrumnBass remixed, I enjoy the pace in this song, upbeat with a mellow side. It puts a little spin on indie rock, mixed well.)


(loving loving LOVING this song loads-for any fans of Oasis, this remix is most definitely for you. Starts slow, then picks up with a fast past, and throw in that synthie feeling with the fast past of drumnbass-this song totally has my heart today)


(remixed and still mysterious-what I love about this is sometimes there are remix's that just don't fit the song-it's almost like dubstep, and then the original added on top, doesn't sync or anything, but this remix maintains the original feel while adding it's own spin making for a super mysterious dubby song-i love it)


(YES YES YES-this song, I know everyone will enjoy. Dead Perez's infamous Hip-Hop remixed by WTF just for your listening pleasure. Grime as fuck. Spin it down and break them beats. This song has you singing the words and the womps with it. Your gonna wanna move your body to this one.)


All very good-all downloadable, go fourth and listen to your remix's of the day.


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