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Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Indie meet Dub

I love listening to music of my past, remixed into my currently music listenings. Recently found, this remix has a very relaxed dubby feel to it. Postal Service was my shit, especially DC Sleeps Alone-i'm from DC, ofcourse I love this song. Starts off very mellow with minimal, but just enough bass. Little bit of electronica and wobble, then picks up towards the end with a faster tempo. Perfect amount of remix. Club Seal on the remix-check out some of his other stuff, it's noteworthy.

The Postal Service - The District Sleeps Alone (Club Seal's Dubstep Remix) by Clubseal

Pretty sure i've put some The XX up here in the past. Kind of a Florence and the Machine feel with the vocals, the original of Infinity is fantastic! However, this "MartyParty Dubstep" remix has a nice wobblely feel, puts a little fun twist on a sexy song.

MartyParty-TheXX-Infinity-Remix by MartyParty

Speaking of Florence and the Machine-this remix is bee's knees as well! I have a thing for gorgeous vocals and dubstep mixed together--my Valentines day post was the original, You Got The Love, and this remix just makes me fall in love more. Funky beats and tunes. Gotta say I love the build up in the end, with that one low drop-mmm mmm mmm perfecto.

Florence and the Machine - You've Got the Love (XX remix/Surecut Kids/myles AWAY dubstep refix) by Dr†Wrex

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