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Friday, April 30, 2010

BASS to make your BOOTY move

So, last month saw the release of the newest remix EP of Electro House veteran Mason's classic dancefloor destroyer "Exceeder". I'm a newcomer to Electro, so I just learned about this killa a few weeks ago, but I'm quickly realizing why it's been re-released so many times and just won't go away!!

Here's the original tune, which was released in the long long ago of 2006. In an electro universe much different than the one us lifeforms of 2010 are familiar with.
You may be in for a shock...

If that gets your juices flowin, then peep Felguk's exquisite rework of this tune featured on the new EP. It gets me in the zone on the dancefloor every time.  Enjoy...

oh yea... ere you go...
Mason- Exceeder (Felguk Remix) (320)

It's the weekend!! Partay!!!

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