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Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Korrupt yourselves

Back to the blog, Tuesday morning! Took a vacation this weekend to suprise my crew up in Ithaca, NY with my friend Bret! Although it was somewhat cold, and ofcourse it snowed Saturday night, overall it was a good trip with a kick ass ride up. To get right into things, coming back I saw that one of our boys for the blog, a Mr. Korrupt, has finally come out with his YouTube Channel!

Korrupts new mix, is in celebration of his move from Vuelten, NL to Utrecht, NL-and congratulations to you! The mix is called Welcome to Utreg Dubstep Mix, the tracklist is as follows:

Ital Tek-Strange Love
The Subdivision-Feelin' Love
Seven- Dark Passenger
Black Sun Empire- Hyper Sun
Dubwoofa-Kingdom Come
Benga-One Million

The whole mix is about 35 min long, and it shows a darker side of dubstep which I havn't posted as much on the blog, but the ambient more softer/darker sounds bring out a side of dubstep that most don't discover. Be sure to check out the rest of Korrupt' stuff on either his SoundCloud or Myspace.

Enjoy today's daily dose featuring one of our own, KORRUPT

Welcome to Utreg Dubstep Mix by Korrupt

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  1. After seeing Joe Nice spin nothing but UK dubplates on the rooftop of bourbon street, I appreciate how a truly skilled DJ can take any quality sounds and turn them into a ridiculously danceable set. Downstairs, everyone was playing the "whomp whomp", and it was sick... but Joe proves that this sort of emerging dubstep is just as sick and possibly more intelligent. Big up to Olaf for holdin down the sound!