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Monday, April 19, 2010

BEWARE of the Monsterz!

Hello all, ready for a new obsession!? I got something sick for you, my new favorite artist, the group is called Monsterz Under the Bed! Straight outta the heart of the DMV area, Monsterz brings a beat that will make you jump right outta your bed on and on your feet. Boom boom boom, bass bass bass, that is what these guys are all about. Made up of two members, each one has their own site as well for their own mixing pleasure:

Need I saw much more? These guys are the shit, especially spinning at the black hole last week, i'd seen them before, but never really knew the name till this past week, but they killeddd it-and ofcourse they have a signature thing, which is their jackets that zip all the way up.

Remember, Monsterz say RAWR-the music goes BOOM BOOM!
Expect more from them here, and if you like their stuff and wanna catch em live, the next show they are expected to play at is SPRING MASSIVE OFCOURSE!!!! May 8th, remember the date, the entire show will be sick, and I will be posting more information the closer we come to the event!

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