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Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Happy HoliDAZE Everyone

Happy Holidazzze everyone, as you all know, today is 4.20-every pothead's dream! I'm a little late on the post but it's still 4.20 so as your lighting up the last joint's of the night, make sure to click the links for the perfect smoking music.

Gonna give you a classic with the first song-called Marijuana Dubstep by Richie Spice, which only seemed right for a day such as this. It's perfect for the first light and actually smoking of your ganja. Listen to this song first, to get you warmed up.

This next mix is by my boy Dustin, entitled Smoke Sessions, need I say more? It's perfect for big crowds chilling and laughing and enjoying their ganja. His mix will take your mind high on a trip-and it's 40 min! Dustin's been in the mixing/dub/dnb world for a minute now-so prepared for 40 min of perfect smoking music. Listen to this straight after the first vid, as you transition into mas dub.

Latest tracks by anavalanche

To end your smoking sesh, i'm gonna give you another "smoke sessions" type mix, made for all you potheads out there. It's perfect for ending the night by bringing down the volume, but still keeping the ill dub. You have to download it but it's about an 1:12 min long, and it's ill as fuck-here's your link;

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