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Wednesday, April 14, 2010

DJ Madam Bliss has entered the builiding

So glad to be posting this. Love, love, love this woman! Her name is Madam Bliss. When I first got into this whole dubstep scene, I went to a show and saw her, and then later on a few months later saw her yet again, and met her! What I love about her is she was my first woman dubstep artist. Ofcourse there's Reid Speed and others, but I loved how she would just spin like it was no one's buisness at the Black Hole. And spin she did, she's been at this for quite some time, and she adds an awesome touch with the dreads. I finally was able to find 3, 1-hour long mixes by her, and today's daily dose is one of them. It's called Dublissious! Tastey, it just rolls off the tounge doesn't it. You have an hour of dubstep that goes from heavy, grimey,
wobbly basslines, to mellow, reggae sounding beats and back to the grime.
It is essentially, Grime. Luckly, for those of you in the
DC/MD/VA area, she's preforming at Masquerave 2!

So enjoy today's daily 1-hr long does, of the one and only, DJ MADAM BLISS.

Dublissious by Dj Madam Bliss

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