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Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Hump Wednesday!

Another quick note, today is Super Humptronic at the Black Hole! Yes, gotta love the idea of a good rave on a WEDNESDAY! I am going to try my best to venture out to grimey Baltimore with my boy James, but the reason why I wanted to add this today, besides the fact that it is TODAY-DJ Madam Bliss WILL be spinning. Yes, that's correct, she will be preforming tonight in the 4th Dimension from 11-12 so DON'T miss it!

Here is the rest of the lineup!
Okay folks this Wednesdays Super Humptronic at the black hole party is going to be sick!!!!! Here's the lineup

Main room
1-2 Pinche Cowboys ( house/electro ) Chicag0
12-1 Monsterzunderthebed ( electrohouse / dubstep / fusion)
11-12 Jennyfromthepark ( electro house )
10-11 iLLEAGLE ( dubstep )
9-10 Spinmob ( deep house / progressive electro )

4th dimension
12-2 The Cannon Boys ( D&B / DUB )
11-12 KaRmA ( D&B )
10-11 Nem live ( fusion )
9-10 Dj lou ( house )

Hope to see everyone there!! And don't forget to bring friends!!!

21+ free 18+3 as usual!!!

INVITE EVERYONEEEE!! Gonna make this shit bad ass!!!

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