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Tuesday, April 6, 2010

And Here It Is!!!

I've got a serious case of insomnia! Been surfin YouTube all night, been busy posting up old videos of past raves when I came along two videos I absolutely loved from fall massive: this is it!

The first video is made by 2khAAT [which suprisingly enough is pronounced like "too hot" instead of "2k-hat." HA!
My favorite is Reid Speed-she comes in at the 1:49 mark, then if you look quick and fast you can see my girl Sallie!!!-starting at 1:56-she's the girl with the headband and BRIGHT gorgeous blonde hair and all black! Mad credit for this video-created by 2khAAT, hosted by Steeze Promo!

The second video is made by Steeze Promo I believe and info is as follows;

"Steez Promo found it highly necessary to add UK dubstep champions Emalkay and 16-Bit to the lineup of "And Here it is, The Return of Fall Massive." The event took place in Baltimore, MD and was pure madness to say the least.
Dub Nation Video Blog Vol 2.0 features an interview and concert performance footage of Birminghams finest, Emalkay. In the featured interview, he discusses both the U.K. and U.S. dubstep scenes"
My boy Nick come in at the 20 mark!

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