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Monday, April 5, 2010

Just like Ice Cold Lemonade

Good morning to everyone. I'm up and moving a little faster today! I thought I should have today's daily dose be a little more electro-upbeat, which isn't where I usually tend to lead but it's Monday, everyone needs a little kick to get their day started :D

So today's dose is by an artist that goes by the name Erol Alkan. Hailing from the UK, some say he lives up to his name with some of the best electro around. Not much to say about this self explanatory song-but enjoy this quote describing Erol Alkan.

"I heard that he invented the mash-up. I heard that he created the second coming of French Touch just by remixing Justice’s “Waters Of Nazareth”. I heard he bought guitar music back from the grave. No, it was electronic music. Or was it reggae? I heard he once revived a Roland 303 just by looking at it. Didn’t you hear? He’s bringing psychedelia back? Wait – I heard he’s bringing Disco back? Didn’t you hear?"

Happy Monday everyone,

Thizzle x

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