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Wednesday, February 24, 2010

DaBears bring on the bass

Hello! My goodness i have GOT to stop going MIA on ya'll. Ithaca's gotten a little hectic lately, my head has been up in the clouds as opposed to reality hahaha-i have a lot of shit coming your way! The last few weeks I have been all over from DC to Ithaca with Raves all over. I have tons of photos, videos, and new links and ofcourse new music!

I'm gonna start you off with some mixes' that were graciously given to me by my boy James! I happen to love the first website because it has some amazing mixes, ranging from Dubstep all the way to Trace and House. I'm not sure why they call it DaBears, but after taking a look I realized how amazing the mixes were. My favorite mixes would definitely be Peace, Love, n Dub & Dublicious-which, is to be expected since I am such a huge dubstep fan! However, for those of you that like techno and trance, I would try listening to Amnesia and Transcendence. The best part about all of these is they're free downloads to your itunes and they give a full list of all the artists on the tracks :)

Here is Dublicious
Here is Amnesia

I've got some more really good stuff coming, I just need a chance to go through and upload everything from my own adventures! Enjoy & be sure to look at all the mixes and before you know it i'll be back overloading your mind with more music/links/photos/vids :)

Thizzle x


  1. lol... agreed. My computer has been fucked for about a week, so for a little while I can only listen to music on cd's... Which I'm gettin a new batch of today!! :D Tons of new postage in the near near future. Climbin up the mountain...