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Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Go Slow

Oy, I'm James - good ol' buddies of Nick and Sarah my new co-authors. I don't mean to brag but my love of electronic music goes back a bit further... my formal training began after my first rave in 2005 (47 years ago!) when I was blown away by a drum n' bass remix of Manu Chao's "Bongo Bong". It took me another year and a half to figure out who the original track was even by... but only a week to get on soulseek and demand that someone explain what drum n' bass was to me. That was the beginning of a long road of musical discovery, and I have flirted with almost every style of dance music since then.

I got my own decks in the summer of '08, determined to become a DnB Dj. I moved on to breakbeats, then fidget/ bassline electro... then dubstep blew my world apart. Now I have gotten over the hump of dubstep addiction and am open to all styles as long as the production is good and the vibe is sick.... but I am still partial to that 1/2 time swing. I can't forget my long lasting love of old-school jungle though, and plan to start a bit of a weekly theme along those lines here.

Until then, here are a couple of dub tracks that have really been movin' me recently.. a slightly different take on the typical dubstep phenomenon by genius producer Eskmo, and a tune that takes full advantage of my favorite kind of female vocal sample and some nicely placed pauses by the UK's George Lenton.

Download (mediafire):
Eskmo - Harmony

George Lenton - Sorry

Big thanks to Uh Oh Disco! and Squeegie for the mp3s!

Go sway back and forth near your subwoofer and await some jungle tunes.

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  1. Can't get enough of Lenton's style. Glitchy as fuck dirty as fuck pretty as fuck. It touches on so many elements of edm in every song... fucking crazy