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Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Hustlin... Hustlin...

B. Rich's long anticipated EP for We Ball Harder is finally here and for free!!! That's right. I said Free!!! I remember the exact moment I first heard this song. It was the morning after my first electronic music event that wasn't in some terribly posh club. :) I had just been blown away by a cast of amazing artists including AC Slater, Reid Speed, D.L.O.D., Joe Nice,and AK1200. From the second I woke up, all I could think about was the Reid Speed demo cd I had been given by a roadie of hers. "Breakdown Breakup" changed my life for sure. Although Cheap Thrills Vol. 1 had been my introduction to bass house and dubstep, this mix just violently caught my ear. I'm dancing around my house in NW DC that morning just rockin out, when halfway through her set, Ms. Speed drops the bottom out from underneath me.

"What you gonna do? Cuz I ball hard. No bitch we ball harder. What you gonna do playin me hard when I talk to you? Cuz I ball hard. No bitch we ball harder."

And from that moment on, I knew the power of bass. If you don't know the mix, or would like to become reacquainted with it, here's a link up.

Anywho... Squeegie's got the goods and they will hook you up like always.

And just in case you can't stand the thought of traversing the tubes to find it,

I got the key parts right chere!

B. Rich- We Ball Harder

B. Rich- We Ball Harder(J. Rabbit Remix)

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