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Thursday, February 11, 2010

We Will Overcome

MJ Cole just posted a previously unreleased Wookie remix of a tune called Battle on his Souncloud which just happens to be a ten year old track[btw, it's a 16-bit WAV:D] . If you aren't up on MJ Cole and his contributions to electronic music history and you think you know about Dubstep, you bes get your ass movin. For our purposes, we can at least say MJ Cole is one of the founders of the 2Step garage sound that emerged first in the UK in the late 1990's and early 2000's. His breakout track Sincere is just gorgeousand there happens to be a newer nero mix that will really put you on the floor 2step is quite a sound to take in... Taking influences from styles as diverse as old-skool hardcore, breakbeat, garage, jazz, funk, house, and reggae dub among many others, 2Step is an amazing hybrid style that will force you to get up and shake your ass no matter what. Cole's new/old track is so very amazing... Floating between those breaks and jazzy piano stabs just gets me goin so well. This is quite an apt release, what with the state of the music industry nowadays... and the record sales... moving more towards the grimey dubstep sound. Check the original if you've got the time...

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