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Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Everybody's Starry-Eyed

Hello all, excuse my late arrival haha-me and my lovely roomate, Meira slept all day today. Pulling an all-nighter and then staying up late the next day, not exactly the smartest idea we've ever had. I was waiting on doing a daily dose of Ellie Goulding, but since Nick was on his A-game today, it would only be right to follow with a post about her, mainly because I am absolutely in love with her. Where to even begin?!

I first heard Ellie, when I was driving to Baltimore last month for
FallMassive! Now for those of you who don't know(and shame on you for not-just kiddding), Steeze Promo plays host to some of the sickest dubstep raves around Baltimore/DC area. The first time I ever went to an event by Steeze Promo was with Olaf, and it completely blew my mind. The line up of music, the people, the lights, the freaking bass-everything is fit perfectly into a setting in which it makes it easy to rave out hard. And trust me when I say that I DO rave out hard. For those of you who don't mind driving an hour to enjoy a night of good music-then head to Baltimore, get to those concerts and it's the best place to discover new artists and remix's of shit we love. I am actually making a visit down to Baltimore this weekend to go to the somewhat year anniversary of DubNation! I highly recommend you go. It will be taking place at Bourbon Street, the same venue that played host to FallMassive. Bourbon has the perfect setting for concerts such as this. Anyway, I really should get back to my point-Ellie.

Ellie Goulding-hailing from England, she's new to the music world. She's got a pop voice with a touch of electropop and synthopop. What I love about her songs is that they are perfect for remixing and dubing up. So I back to what I was saying a while ago, fall massive, drive out-we got lost and we were all stressed, then just as we were getting back on point James decided that the best song to play for the moment was Starry-Eyed, but a Jakwob remix. Let me tell you, I was driving that highway to Baltimore as the happiest chick everrr. Her voice was so soothing and yet the dubstep drop beat was so overtaking! After falling in love with the remix i listened to the original, then other songs by her, and they're all amazing, but my favorites are the remix's such as what Nick blogged earlier, as well as this remix of Under the Sheets & Not Following You-the GOJ remix Although the rest of these don't compare to the Jakwob remixes, here are a few more remixes of Gouldings stuff, all dubstep/dnb:

For Starry Eyed:
2. Starsmith Remix (this one's not REALLY dub but i like it alright)
3. Nooz Dubstep Remix (my personal favorite)
4. Dexcell Remix (this one's drumnbass)

Now my favorite part-here's the Jakwob remix :) Enjoy it and let the beats drop.

Thizzle xx

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