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Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Links of the day

You know you can't find the best shit for dub on itunes, or even through youtube-Here are a few sites to think about visiting for good shit, the three i'm listing are personal favorites, and all are from SoundCloud, which i'm considering to be my link of the day for today. There are a ton of other sick ass artists, and i'll start doing some sort of artist of the day or some shit like that xx

*The first and foremost, is Olaf's music site, which is located on SoundCloud, he has gotten into mixing more now that he has more free time, hasn't come out on his site with anything recent but i'm sure that'll change soon-->Korrupt

*The second is also a SoundCloud site, Nicks'. Nick's gonna be helping out with this blog shit, and he's good sick beats, tends to play around with dubstep/jungle/dnb/etc. he loves it all. A song you should listen to; that chocolate rain remix, sounds so much better remixed -->NickofTime

*The third, is DJ Madam Bliss, who I absolutely adore, she's been hanging around the Baltimore scene for a while and she's a repeat guest at really good shows in B-more and elsewhere, her most recent being The Return of Fall Massive, her beats are both grime, and relaxing dub-->DJ Madam Bliss

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