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Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Your daily dose

Hello all! It's been a while since i've contributed anything, unfortunately, I have been buried in work and when i'm not working i'm sleeping off this sickness I've got! However, I finally have relief, my mom got my doctor back home to get me meds that way I can stop sneezzing and feeling like mucus is now my annoying head neighbor. Like those mucinex comercials haha-I want that mucus out!

Back to dub matters, I found out earlier this week that Thumpty Nation, otherwise known as Theta Delta Chai, will once again play host to another Dance, Psychedelic Rock, Funk, artist. The group known as Wobblesauce will be playing this Friday at Thumpty and on throughout the weekend in a 2-day preformance for Presidents day. It starts at 11 on Friday, check it out if you get the chance, 800 University Ave.

I thought I might kick things back a notch with today's daily dose. While going through the ill photos of fall massive, I came across a video from the event with different scenes put together to the tune of Rusko, aka one of my favorite dubstep artists. I got to see Rusko live last year at DubNation with Olaf, and let me tell you, it was ill. There's something about his beats that flow together in a nice wobble-bass sound. Rusko's raw beats also bring out the raver out in me, you could lightshow and dance to this all day longgg. Speaking of light shows, you should check out this website, they have everything you neeed to get your rave on :) Here's Rusko's Go Go Gadget

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  1. it was only Friday night, but they were so good!