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Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Mix Wednesday!?

So, back in the good ol' days when Nick and I were housemates and no one cared how loud we played our music... we had a thing called mix wednesday. This is primarily how I learned to DJ. We would wake up around noon and the bass would bump til 2am, taking turns on the decks and usually churning out a 30-60 min. mix either together or separately.

I propose we bring back the tradition here... posting either our own new mixes or our favorites from all around the world of electronic music and bloggin'.

I reallllly wanted to post the Crookers mix for MishkaNYC that my buddy Matt showed me.. but their link has expired. I emailed them askin to fix it but until then, here's the previous week's mix by another electro house king, Jack Beats.

Bounce to this... it aint dub but it's still sick.

Jack Beats mix for Mishka

To Nick and Sarah: I think each of us should find/make a good mix each week and post all three together for future wednesday goodness. Help me out!

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  1. I'm down on the mix idea. i really want to push the boundaries of styles I can work with, and I'd love to give a ride on a weekly basis. and there are always goodn's to find around as well.