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Friday, February 12, 2010

Here they come...

Good morning all, hope everyone slept well. It's Friday-everyone should be pumped right now. But don't fist pump. Too much. Yesterday, I finally got myself back to wanting to get in shape, and last night really killed it at the gym. Getting there, I found myself literally tearing the elyptical machine apart, mainly cause I had this sick playlist of dubstep and drumnbass raging through my ears, let me tell you-I was workin it yo. There was this one song that I just had to post up for you guys that was really getting me on my A-game last night-Tantrum Desire! Hailing from South East London, Tatrum Desire has the sick beats of Drum n bass.

Giving birth to the war cry “unleash your dark side” and their chorus – “A desire to make drum & bass junglism, we’ll keep throwing tantrums until you listen!”-as quoted on their site, TD has that upbeat bass that makes working out at the gym, the best experience one can have. I got such an addrenaline rush from their music yesterday, it just blew my mind! They were nominated this past year for the Drum&Bass Arena Awards in England. They didn't win-but they're slowly movin their way up=]

Speaking of the Drum&Bass Arena-this year they had a pretty sick lineup of artists that might be of intrest to some. Take a look at the big winners this past year:
Best DJ: Andy C
Best MC: SkiBaDee
Best Producer: High Contrast
Best Single: Chase & Status 'Pieces' (RAM records)
Best Album: Chase & Status 'More than Alot' (Ram records)
Best label: Ram Records
Best Newcomer DJ: Sigma
Best Newcomer MC: Harry Shotta
Best Newcomer Producer: DirtyPhonics

Let me add that the last group-DirtyPhonics, has some ill tracks played at FallMassive-AHHH sick
SO next time you decide you really need a good work out and good music to pump your brains-download Tantrum Desire's, Here They Come-you'll be moving faster than the beats can drop.

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