Photo Cred to Bayan Mogharabi

Monday, February 1, 2010

New Work Out Plan

After having an insane night Friday at Cornell's frat house, Thumpty-I am still weak and lazy on my feet. After having a slow start to my day, I ended off on a better note, after discovering glow sticks in my purse from Friday's rave, unused! So of course I whipped them out, May, my roomate, had to work until 10:30 pm anyway-so I decided to put some dub on & rave out a bit. It turned out to be the best work out, accompanied with a little high from the music and lights-and i must admit, I had just been with Mary-Jane and Paige. I love good dubstep or dnb that gets you going in the morning, like you wanna bounce your ass to the gym and move to that crazy beat, enjoy xx


  1. It's Nick!!

    :D you're already killin me with this business!! Loving! the lights... but now I've already forgetten where I've heard that beautiful track you dropped... I need your help, Ms. Blogster!! Pwetty Pwease??

    P.S. You know how to get Soundcloud and that kind of stuff personal music stuff in the "Comment As" box? because that would probably make artists much happier

  2. Hey Sarah! I want to contribute to your blog. My new/ old-found love is old school Jungle and I would like to specialize in that for ya. I agree there is really no better work out (especially for the arms/shoulders/chest) than glowsticks. Do you know how to make an orbit??

    2 photons.
    1 ziptie.
    1 loop of NYLON string.

    Assemble as instructed by youtube: