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Friday, February 12, 2010

Your daily dose

I'm trying to learn how to post up actual YouTube vid's that way you guys will be more intrigued by it being right there as opposed to that tiny link lol, the boys have got it down so I need to catch up! So i'm gonna give your guy's daily dose kinda early today-YAY! Today i'm gonna go with an artist that goes by the name Doorly! To my D.C. crew-you already know what it is! It's Raindrops, orginally by Basement Jaxx, the Doorly remix is as sick as the rain itself hahaha. Every person who has heard this song in my car has love the bass it brings, "and just like raindrops," it feels soo good to be playing in your ears :) Doorly has had a number of good songs, you should check his shit out-follow him either on Twitter or on MySpace. I've got shit to do-but be sure to enjoy this track, especially if you're chilling with Mary-Jane. RainDrops-Basement Jaxx (Doorly Remix):

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  1. On youtube look to the right of the video, right below info.. it has a little link you can select called "Embed"

    Try that.

    Good track :D