Photo Cred to Bayan Mogharabi

Friday, February 5, 2010

Your morning dose

Good morning! Sorry I have been horrible at blogging, I had to get back to the reality that school is back in and I actually have to do work =[ However, couldn't start my day off without giving you a daily dose of dub to get you up and moving. James and Nick have done a really sweet job keeping up at this-like i've said before, they've been in this game a lot longer than me, they know what they're doing and got some good stuff =] I'm just here to provide some tunes, events, links, and photos, ya dig? I've got an 11am class which I should start getting ready for but i'll start you off with a really good song for Friday morning.

Last week we had visitors from DC, Nick and Pete. At Cornell last Friday, the frat Thumpty, also known as Theta Delta Chi played host to electro-dub band Big Gigantic. Having really looked foward to hearing them, and having guest from the DC come just for the concert-fuck, I was excited haha. Morning of, you know how you're always in a good moood and you want to put yourself in the 'zone.' This song was BLASTING-it's one of my favorites, and it's perfect for Friday morning, it gets you up. Especially with that kinda slow but intense drop. TGIF and enjoy your daily morning dose


  1. Sarah do you know ? You can usually search tracks and often find where they have been posted on another blog with a free mp3. I think this song is available there for example... Its a really good resource for bloggin.

  2. Oh sweet, I did not know that haha but THANKK youu, I need them resources :)

  3. Oh wait I just took a look, I do know this site yo :)