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Tuesday, February 16, 2010

I Don't Wanna Take A Chance...

Regardless of every Ellie Goulding remix out there being rinsed as fuck right now, I'd like to bring you one amazing track that has been getting stuck in my head over and over and over again since the week before Halloween!! This "Under the Sheets" refix by the London based "She is Danger" is definitely something different. A slowed, bassed out, 2stepy track that accentuates Ms. Goulding's bleeding vocals that all the other remixes seemed to blindly push aside. I don't know whether it's those beautifully tambre'd hats or that sneaky little filtered bass wobble in the post-choruses, but it always gets me. Can't help it :) Sadly enough, I've been sleepin on these young ladies for quite awhile, but no more!! Here's the track over at Too Many Sebastians.blogspot and now for some real fun!

Groove Armada's newest single Paper Romance is off the hook! Briefly, imagine yourself dancing your heart out on a hot summer night. The music's blaring, the crowd's gettin hyped, and the full moon is out, giving the heads the energy they need to go all night. Don't rave too hard now...

She Is Danger is comin hard with the remix in their darker 2step style. Really feelin how they've switched up the vibe in this one.
Be on the lookout for more She Is Danger!

Massive Attack-Girl I Love You(She is Danger Remix)
She Is Danger-Hurt You

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