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Wednesday, February 17, 2010

It's on now, emefferzz!!

So I'm sittin around yesterday morning going through my catalog of house muzik and I started feelin pretty down... There's never much to do on the weekend for the average raver in the 757 besides spinnin lights and killin braincells. And while I'm always down for my poi toys, the skull fucking gets pretty old pretty quickly. No place to go and dance obnoxiously to obnoxious music is a huge bummer. :) As a result, I often spend the weekends at home DJing for a small crowd or just for my lovely self. But rather than lettin it get to me this time, I decided to make a twisted electro/breaks mix for everyone else that can't find a hot spot in the comunidad every weekend. Oh yea.. and there's a little surprise at the end for all my bassheadz. Beware! I don't mess around when it comes to this biz.

Quickdraw McGraw- Restless Legs Mixset
(tracklist after the rest of my jazzzz)

So.... It is Mix Wednesday and I wanted to hook errybody up with a killer Drum and Bass set from the guys over at Dirtbox Radio. These guys are one of my favorite sources of drum and bass mixes of all types and honestly any of the ones up there will make your day if you dig that jungle(seriously some great mixes up there! check these guys out!), but the one I'd like to highlight this evening is Encryption's recent Snowpocalypse set. Did I say Encryption??? Damn skippy! Dirtbox Radio comes straight outta the DC/Bmore scene and is broadcast on alternate weeks from locations just outside the city in Berwyn Heights and Riverdale!! A mass of talented spinnas over there, and they're always on the look for new ones, so if you've got a jungle mix that you want to be heard, they're down! I definitely encourage checkin out this Encryption set, though... Solid rollin boomers this guy brings. Just makes you wanna jump every whichway like you just don't give a ----!

Long Live Mix Wednesday

Nick Time

Mixset Trizzles:
Black Noise- Jungle Iz Em (Take Me Away VIP)
Foamo- Wardance (Last Japan Edit)
Reid Speed & Hot Mouth- Jailbait Rinse (Orig.)
Fake Blood- Mars (Jack Beats Remix/DJ Ark Rerub)
Yo Majesty- Club Action (Stanton Warriors Remix)
Dre Skull- I Want You (AC Slater Remix)
Digital Manges- Manges (Sharkslayer Remix)
Chase & Status- Eastern Jam (Kyle Watson Rerub)
Breakage Ft. David Rodigan & Newham Generals- Hard (Caspa & The Others Remix)

P.S. Enjoy the tuuunes!

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